Today, we're going to interview Roni Noone, blogger, and web publisher who lost 45 lbs with Weight Watchers. After reading her story, we wanted to pick her brain to see what motivated her to change her lifestyle. Here is the interview we did with her:

SlimKicker: What inspired you to start your blog, and your community BlogToLose?

Roni: Well, in 2004 I started a family blog as I waited for the arrival of my son. After he was born I started to blog about my Weight Watcher weigh-ins and everything organically grew from there. Blogging became such an outlet for me and a huge part of my success. I started BlogToLose to help others take advantage of this technology.

SlimKicker: Was there a specific "a-ha" moment that sparked your motivation to lose weight?

Roni: For me it was the birth of my son. Once I had a child I realized it had to be more about trying to get skinny. I needed to get a handle on my diet and teach him how to live a balance healthy life. That set me on the right path once and for all.

SlimKicker: I know you did Weight Watchers when you were actively trying to lose weight? What type of diet do you follow now?

Roni: Now I eat much more intuitively and have my own rules, or guidelines if you will. I limit the "whites" as I like to call them (sugar, flour, potatoes.) I always order dressing on the side. I eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal. Things like that. Overall I try to stick with as much fruit, vegetables and lean meats as possible.

SlimKicker: What keeps you motivated to eat healthy, and What advice would you have for someone who lacks motivation to stick to their diet, or habits?

Roni: I was the poster child for yo-yo dieter in my teens and 20s. I have a pretty good grasp on this "thing" we call motivation. Back then I was either motivated, restricting and losing OR eating, binging and gaining. There was no happy medium, ever. Now I know better.

Now I know small changes add up. I know that just because I indulge in some birthday cake it's not a free pass to eat whatever want for the next 3 weeks. I think the secret is realizing that everything you consume is on plan if you decide it's on plan. It's all about making conscious decisions and eating a balanced diet.

SlimKicker: I know a lot of people get discouraged when they reach a plateau. What advice do you have for getting past plateaus?

Roni: My advice is to keep on trucking. What's the alternative? To gain everything back? If you are considering going back to negative habits because the scale isn't moving fast enough than you aren't in the right place yet. I truly believe your goal has to be more than a number.

SlimKicker: What's your typical workout or exercise routine?

Roni: I try to do something active everyday. When I started that meant taking a walk or playing the Wii. Now I run a few miles, take a class at the gym or still simply walk with the family.

SlimKicker: Since you've had kids, how have you taught them good eating habits?

Roni: This is one of my favorite topics. My kids are very well rounded. They love the "junk" (candy, cookies, cake) but I won't let them have it until they eat a well balanced meal. We make a lot of vegetables for dinner. Lunches are always paired with carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas, etc. Fruit is often dessert. I believe in raising well rounded eaters. They eat what I cook then the can have their treats.

SlimKicker: What health/fitness goals are you still tackling now, if any?

Roni: Well, recently I completed a Tough Mudder. My plan is to do another and make it across the monkey bars without falling. I like to test myself physically now. I find motivation in seeing my progress not on the scale but in how many miles iI can run or how much weight I can lift. Honestly, it still sounds strange for me to say things like that.

SlimKicker: Thanks for stopping by, Roni! Best of luck with your blog, and future goals!

Roni Noone is a mom, wife, blogger and web publisher. She shares weight loss advice and inspiration at her blog She also launched a blog community called BlogToLose which helps people live a more conscious life through blogging


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