Intermittent fasting has rapidly become very successful for a large number of people so if you're looking for testimonials, there are plenty to be found.

But just like any diet, just because it worked for someone else doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you as well. For some people, intermittent fasting can even lead to weight gain..

Let's look at a few reasons why some people may find that intermittent fasting causes weight gain.

Weight Gain While Doing The Diet

The first time you may find yourself experiencing weight gain while using intermittent fasting is while you're doing the diet itself. While most people will note that controlling their calorie intake on this plan is easier than with most plans, some people may find the opposite.

Those people who tend to be 'binge' eaters, that is, once they start eating larger volumes of food they just can't stop are going to be far more likely to deal with this issue.

The reason being that because you have to consume a great deal more calories over a shorter period of time with the intermittent fasting diet plans, this could set you up for a binge.

If you are scheduled to consume 1400 calories during your eating phase but instead you end up consuming 3000, you can rest assured that fat loss is not what you're going to be seeing.

If you're going on food binges each and every evening, you know that this is not going to have a positive influence on your weight loss results.

Weight Gain After The Diet Is Finished

The reason why you may start to gain some weight using the intermittent fasting protocol is if you return to normal style of eating after losing the weight you desire but then don't shift back over to smaller meals as you up the frequency.

If you've gotten into the habit of eating until you are very full due to the nature of the intermittent fasting protocol and continue doing this now that you're back to a regular style of eating, the chances that you over consume in calories are going to be incredibly high.

So care must be taken to adjust your approach as you make the shift to a standard diet.

There you have a few reasons why intermittent fasting could potentially lead to weight gain if you aren't careful. Be smart in your approach and make sure that you figure out your target calorie intake beforehand and you shouldn't have this problem.

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