For many people who start out on any diet plan, one of the primary goals they have in mind to obtain is getting a flat stomach or 'sexy abs'.

You'll very likely be wondering if intermittent fasting is the way to go about doing so.

Will this diet come through and give you the 'look' you're after? Or will it just lead you astray?

There are a number of reasons why intermittent fasting can definitely help move you closer to the point of having abs. Let's look at what these reasons are and why you should consider this diet approach.

The Calorie Control Factor

The very first reason why you might be able to get flat abs faster with intermittent training than other approaches is because this type of diet set-up will ensure that you are controlling your calorie intake extremely well. Simply put, when you're fasting for 12-14 hours per day, this only leaves 10-12 hours for eating.

Since you can only consume so much food in that shorter period of time, this makes it much more manageable to maintain a reduced calorie intake.

This allows you to easily create the calorie deficit that you're looking for to achieve weight loss success and it's loosing that belly fat that is going to move you one step closer to seeing your abs.

The Insulin Sensitivity Factor

The next reason why you should be considering intermittent fasting is because it can also help with improving your insulin sensitivity as well. Insulin sensitivity refers to how well your body is able to handle the carbohydrates you consume.

Those who have good insulin sensitivity tend to shuttle the carbs towards the muscle cells. Those who have poor insulin sensitivity tend to store the excess glucose as body fat instead. Since you want to stay as lean as possible when trying to get sexy abs, having insulin sensitivity working in your favor is definitely a good thing.

The Increased Fat Oxidation Factor

Finally, the last reason why intermittent fasting can help you get sexy abs faster than other diet approaches is because you'll spend a number of hours in a state of fat oxidation.

Immediately after a meal your body is going to shift from using stored body fat as a fuel source to using the calories that you just provided it.

By fasting, you ensure that it is using stored body fat for a longer period of time, therefore this will help increase the overall fat burn that you see throughout the day.

The end result is faster progress for you.

Many people also often report less bloating when using intermittent fasting approaches and this can also help to give you a much leaner look throughout your mid-section as well.

So there you have the primary reasons why intermittent fasting can potentially help you get abs faster than other diet approaches.

This isn't to say other approaches won't work as they definitely will, but intermittent fasting tends to give you a bit of a leg-up on fat loss, so to speak.

About the author: Shannon is a fitness trainer and freelance writer who has written for


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