If you're a female who is thinking of starting up on an intermittent fasting diet plan, one thing that you may be wondering about is whether you should do it while you're menstruating.

Let's look at a few of the main things that you should possibly consider to answer this question for yourself.

Help With Bloating

First, one of the nice things about doing the intermittent fasting approach while menstruating is that it can help you combat against some of the feelings of bloating that you might be suffering from.

Most women do note that they experience bloating when their period first starts and by using the eating and fasting phases, you can help to reduce the severity of this.

Of course there are those who will find they bloat too much during the eating phase and that makes it too uncomfortable to use, but most people won't have this issue. Instead, they'll feel far better and less like menstruation has them down.

Battling Food Cravings

The second nice thing about intermittent fasting while you're menstruating is the fact that it will also help to battle food cravings as well. If you're someone who does typically suffer serious food cravings throughout the day, using the fasting approach can stop that as you'll no longer be thinking about food.

For some people, the mere act of eating is what sets off the food craving, so by eliminating your food consumption, you prevent that from being an issue.

Plus, if you are dealing with any food cravings, since you can eat more calories during the feeding phases, you might be able to go in for that piece of pizza or bowl of ice cream without as much risk of weight gain as you normally would have.

Keeping Your Energy Levels High

Finally, the last nice benefit to using intermittent fasting while menstruating is the fact that it can help to keep your energy levels higher as well.

When using the intermittent fasting approach you'll experience and endorphin rush throughout the day as your body releases these in response to fasting,

which can then help to boost your energy levels and help you feel more focused.

Since many women do find that their energy level drops during that time of the month, this can definitely be a welcomed benefit.

So there you have the key points to remember about intermittent fasting and menstruation. Be sure that you think carefully about trying this approach for yourself.

About the author: Shannon is a fitness trainer and freelance writer who has written for Bodybuilding.com.


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