As you move through the LeanGains diet approach, one thing that you may start to wonder about from time to time is whether you should be drinking diet soda or not.

Many people do enjoy a class of diet soda from time to time as it's something sweet that they figure should be allowed on their diet.

Since they're likely doing their best to cut out all other sweet tasting foods as sugar is a definite no-no, this ups the appeal of diet soda.

But, what about when using the LeanGains approach? As you are supposed to be fasting for the 14-16 hour duration of the period, will this compromise your results?

Let's look at a few of the main things that you should be thinking about.

Diet Soda And Calories

The very first thing to take into account is the fact that diet soda is calorie free. This does lend well to the fasting period during LeanGains because the one rule of this time is that you are not allowed to consume anything of calorie value.

This also means that zero calorie gum is allowed as well as coffee. All three of these items won't provide any calories, thus they won't take your body out of the fast.

It is important to stay adequately hydrated during the fasting period just as you would on any other diet plan set-up and if you're starting to get incredibly bored with drinking plain water each day, some diet soda, you might find, may offer some relief.

Your Own Response To Diet Soda

But, that said, one important thing that you must consider is your own unique response to diet soda. Some people can have this without a problem and continue on their diet as they should.

For some other people however, that just isn't the case.

One sip of the diet soda and this sets off extreme cravings for sugar and more calorie-dense food.

If that's the case with you, chances are you would be a lot better off not including diet soda during the fasting phase of the LeanGains approach.

You may consider it during the feeding phase if you just really like diet soda, but keep in mind at the same time that if the carbonation prevents you from taking in as many calories as you should in the limited eating window because it fills up the stomach, this may act negatively on the results that you see.

Other Factors To Consider

Finally, last but not least, there are some further factors that should be considered when deciding whether you will include diet soda in your daily diet.

First, keep in mind that the chemicals in diet soda can erode bone tissue, so if you're already at risk or are suffering from low bone density, this could become a problem with regular consumption.

Second, also keep in mind that diet soda does contain artificial sweeteners and different people have varying views on whether these are good to be putting in their body.

If you're someone who believes that adding artificial sweeteners to your diet is fine, then this may not be an issue at all for you.

But, if you're someone who has been trying to limit or eliminate your intake entirely, then you'll want to be thinking twice about adding diet soda.

The Verdict

So there you have the main facts that you need to keep in mind regarding the inclusion of diet soda while using the LeanGains approach.

It isn't the healthiest beverage that you could be consuming but assuming you feel okay putting it in your body and it doesn't cause you to experience food cravings, it's an acceptable part of your diet plan.

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