If you ever reach the book "Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell, you know that that small things, over time can eventually lead to a critical threshold. This is the same idea behind Caitlin Boyle's book "Healthy Tipping Point". We had a chance to talk with her, and learn more about her mission with her book/blog.

SlimKicker: Can you briefly tell me the mission of your blog and Operation Beautiful?

Caitlin: I'm the author of two blogs, HealthyTippingPoint.com and OperationBeautiful.com. Healthy Tipping Point is an award-winning fitness and food lifestyle blog. The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post positive messages in public places for strangers to find - like "You are beautiful!" or "You are worth it" written on post-its and placed in bathrooms, locker rooms, library books, etc.

The site started in June 2009 and I've received over 10,000 notes from all over the world since it started, including notes from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Operation Beautiful involves posting random notes in public places for other people to find.

These notes typically encourage a positive body image or outlook and include phrases like "You are beautiful inside and out" or "Scales measure weight, not worth." I was inspired to start Operation Beautiful after having a really bad day at work; I wanted to do something small and simple for someone else to make me feel better!

SlimKicker: Was there an a-ha moment that sparked your motivation to start living healthier?

Caitlin: As I wrote about in the Healthy Tipping Point book, I really struggled with unhealthy mental and physical behaviors, especially negative self-talk, while in college. One day, my best friend Lauren sat me down and told me to shape up or shut up. She offered to take me running, as she thought it would be a healthy and positive coping mechanism for my stress. The rest, as they say, is history!

SlimKicker: A lot of people find losing weight overwhelming, and they quickly fall back to old habits. what advice do you have in sustaining motivation?

Caitlin: I think the best piece of advice is to sign up for a 5K. Almost anyone can train to run or walk/run a 5K, and having a 'deadline' really helps you stay focused. There are some beginning 5K training plans in the Healthy Tipping Point book.

SlimKicker: Another problem people face when starting out (especially in the context of losing weight) is the lack of positive feedback, especially from family and friends. How do you suggest people deal with that?

Caitlin: There are so many ways to surround yourself with positive influences, even if your family and current friends aren't supportive of your healthy goals. Consider joining a running group or attending fitness classes at a gym. Alternatively, look to the Internet for support - websites like SparkPeople.com and DailyMile.com are wonderful ways to integrate yourself into a positive community.

SlimKicker: I know you developed "runner's knee" and had to undergo rehab while you were running. Any tips for novice runners before they start running?

Caitlin: Slow and steady wins the race! Running can be very hard on your body, and it's a good idea to start slow in terms of both distance and speed. Also, don't fall into the trap of exclusively running - that's what I did and why I had so many problems. Be sure to cross train with a low-impact and complementary sport, like yoga or swimming.

SlimKicker: Any future plans such as another book or new project?

Caitlin: The Healthy Tipping Point book was released May 1. I'm very excited about this book because it's a truly balanced healthy living guide, not a gimmicky diet book.

And in December, the second Operation Beautiful book, Operation Beautiful One Note at a Time, will be released. This book is targeted towards tween girls, and I think it's going to be a hit. You can read more about all three of my books here: http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/books-by-caitlin-boyle

Caitlin runs Healthy Tipping Point, a food and fitness blog that encourages others to redefine true health and happiness. She loves to compete in triathlons and road races but is currently on race hiatus, as she is expecting her first child in June. Her blogs are visited more than one million times each month. Caitlin is the author of three books, including Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-It Note at a Time.


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