If you've been looking at the process of intermittent fasting, you've likely come to realize that there are a number of different ways to fast.

One such approach is every other day fasting.

What are the advantages to this style of structure compared to the other? Let's have a quick look so that you can decide which method is going to be right for you.

Better Social Function

The very first reason why intermittent fasting on every other day can be a great approach to use is because it's going to make things a little easier in social situations.

Depending on the precise fasting/eating periods you'd look at with every day fasting, this could make going out for business breakfasts, lunches, or dinners rather difficult. Likewise, if your friend or significant other invites you out for lunch and it's in the middle of your fasting period, what do you say?

Some people find this setup to be a bit of a social hinderence

With every other day fasting though, as long as you structure your fasting days when you know you have no social events focused around food, you won't run into the problem. You can have your normal eating days on the days you do have to attend food social situations so that you can eat just like anyone else.

Easier To Schedule With Workouts

The second reason why some people choose to go with every other day fasting is because it can be easier to schedule your workouts using this approach.

With the typical intermittent fasting protocol, you'll have to schedule your workout either right before the eating period is to begin, or you'll want to schedule it within the eating period itself.

If you're doing every other day fasting, then you simply need to schedule the workouts on your eating days, doing cardio at most on the fasting days.

For those who have a very limited time schedule and have to workout at a certain point during the day, this can be quite an important benefit.

Fast Weight Loss Results

Finally, the last reason why every other day fasting can be a great way to go is because it also leads to just as fast of results as the other fasting methods do. You'll still be creating massive calorie deficits throughout the week which is the primary thing that you must be doing to see the fat loss results you're going for.

Furthermore, most people will still find that hunger isn't an issue on the fasting days and since they get to consume slightly more calories on their eating days due to entire days without eating, this makes for more enjoyment of the diet itself.

So there you have the main benefits to note about every other day fasting. Some people do prefer this over the typical approach, so give it some consideration as well.

About the author: Shannon is a fitness trainer and freelance writer who has written for Bodybuilding.com.


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