You may wonder whether you should begin your fast after your workout session.

Let's look at some key points that you must consider with regards to the timing of the fast and your workout period.

Ensuring Maximum Muscle Glycogen Replenishment

The very first thing that you need to note is the fact that immediately post-workout, you have one goal - restore muscle glycogen levels. Your muscles are this point are like a sponge, just waiting to suck up any nutrients that you feed them.

They're in a highly broken down state and it's up to you to provide the building blocks they will use to then begin to repair themselves, growing stronger and larger in the process.

If you neglect to feed them these nutrients, how well will they be able to be repaired?

This is one reason why you should not begin a fast immediately after your workout.

Boosting Your Metabolism

The second reason why fasting right after a workout is a bad move is because it's this point in the day when the food you eat is least likely to be converted into body fat. Since your insulin sensitivity is highest at this point, all carbs you eat will be handled very well and will move into the muscle cells.

Additionally, you've just created a very strong calorie deficit which means that you're going to be immediately using up that energy for fuel and recovery purposes.

It doesn't make sense to fast when you're in such a state. Instead, you should be fasting in the times when you're least active overall and you aren't burning nearly as many calories.

Promoting Fasting Recovery

Moving along, another big reason to avoid fasting immediately after a workout is because doing so will decrease the amount of recovery you make. How fast you recover from any workout session is going to determine how soon you can get back into the gym again for the next one, and workout frequency does play a role how quickly you see results.

Eating post-workout ensures that you recover at top speeds, so you can enter the gym again the next day or the day after.

The Better Set-Up

So what's the better set-up? It's clear that fasting immediately post workout is not a smart move - what's a better strategy?

Instead, consider starting the fast later on in the day, often before bed. This way, you start the fast throughout the evening when you're doing nothing but sleeping and can break the fast around noon right before you do a workout session or when it's time to eat lunch.

You'll be able to fuel up after your workout this way and consume calories when you're most active throughout the day.

So avoid fasting immediately after a workout. Eat during this time and save the fast for another time during the day.

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