If there's one thing that will have a very positive influence on your level of weight loss success, social support is it.

Having people around that you can turn to in times of need when you're struggling is really imperative for success as this will help give you the confidence you require to stay on track.

If you have no one to turn to, it's more likely that you'll begin to feel overwhelmed with the process and just decide to throw in the towel entirely.

This said, let's take a closer look at why social support helps you with losing weight so you can see exactly why you'll want to be getting this in place.

Social Support And Gym Attendance

The very first way that social support can help you reach your goals is that it can help with gym attendance. If you're someone who often finds you have zero motivation to get into the gym, try finding a workout buddy. When you know that someone is counting on you to show up and you know that there will be a social element to those workouts, you'll be that much more likely to follow through.

Workout buddies are great for keeping you motivated and may even help you push harder with your program as well.

Social Support And Dietary Adherence

The second way that social support can help you reach your goals is with dietary adherence. If you live with someone who is always bringing home cookies, cakes, and pizza, it's going to be that much harder to stick with your diet.

By talking to this person about your goals and the reasons why you don't want to have those foods around to tempt you, you they may understand and give you their support.

If you have them on your side and they start making an effort to eat healthy with you, this can also influence the chances that you stay on the course and see the success that you're looking for.

Social Support And Stress

Finally, the last way that social support can assist with your progress is by helping to lower your stress level. When you're highly stressed out, having people that you can turn to and talk about whatever is stressing you is critical to success.

Many people do find themselves stress eating as they go about their diet and if this has become a problem for you in the past, it's definitely something that you'll need to get a hold of.

Calling a friend to talk about what it is that's stressing you can be the perfect technique to put this problem behind you.

So there you have the main reasons why getting a good degree of social support is imperative for reaching your long term goals. If you're currently going about your journal alone, make it a challenge for yourself to find at least one friend to share the journey with. Whether they go to the gym, support you in your diet efforts, or just offer to be there for someone you can call when you're struggling, having this person there can make a world of difference in your long term results.

About the author: Shannon is a fitness trainer and freelance writer who has written for Bodybuilding.com.


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