Vitamin C is best known for its immune strengthening abilities. The good news is it doesn't stop there; sufficient vitamin C in your diet has been shown to help detoxify your body, promote cell healing, neutralise harmful free radicals, protect you from pollution and help you deal with stress. It also supports your good gut bacteria whilst destroying bad bacteria and viruses. The bad news is orthomolecular MD's are amazed at the recommended amounts (RDA) of vitamin C we are told to consume, suggesting that to gain the above benefits and for optimal health we should be consuming much more than what is recommended. Top tip: don't worry about overeating vitamin C, it is water soluble and any excesses are simply excreted in your urine!

So where can we get vitamin C in the diet? Let's look at the foods which are HIGHER in vitamin C than the go-to vitamin C food, the orange.

Red and Green Hot Chilli Peppers – Arguably the best provider of vitamin C with up to 400% of your RDA per 100g (over 300% more than oranges!). A great way to spice up curries and sauces.

Guavas - Depending on variety, this fruit packs a high vitamin C punch in the region of 380% RDA of vitamin C per 100g serving.

Bell Peppers – Raw yellow peppers provide the most Vitamin C than any other colour with about 300% RDA per 100g, however raw red peppers have a greater nutrient and vitamin content (they also contain the antioxidant lycopene), and still provide nearly three times the vitamin C found in oranges with approximately 210% RDA per 100g.

Kale - Dark leafy greens are a great source of calcium and are jam-packed with vitamin C. Raw kale provides roughly 200% RDA per 100g.

Broccoli – Yes, its back again.. This superfood features in most my Blogs/articles on healthy eating. It provides around 150% RDA of vitamin C per 100g.

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