• 100 Planks in 1 Week

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    What to do: Do 100 planks, spread out across a week (or as many as you can)

    This week's challenge will be to do 100 planks, spread out across the next 7 days.

    Just like pushups and squats, planks are a big part of every strength training program. However, not many people do them correctly, so we're going to go over form, how to do them correctly, and how to do them if you're a beginner. Planks are great for your core, so it pays to know you're doing them the right way.

    To get started with planks, you start off in a position similar to doing pushups. You start off on your stomach in a straight line. Put your forearms on the floor, with your elbows straight down from your shoulders.

    From here, tighten up your stomach, tighten up your glutes, and pick yourself up from the floor. Your body should be in a straight line from your shoulders down to your toes.

    Keeping your stomachs and glutes tight, hold yourself for 20-45 seconds - however long you can hold it. Make sure your body is a straight line. Make sure your butt isn't sticking up, and you shouldn't be sagging down either. Just hold this position, but make sure you don't surpass 45 seconds.

    What If I'm A Beginner?

    If you're a beginner, there's a beginner variation you should try instead.

    Drop down to your knees, with your upper body in the same position. This time, put your knees on the floor. Your body is still in a straight line, your tummy and glutes tight. Hold yourself here for 20-30 seconds, and then pop up your feet, and see if you can hold yourself for another 10-20 seconds.

    Keep progressing if you're a beginner, and when you're ready, do some more advanced versions to prevent your muscles from getting used to the same exercises.

Daily Check-In

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  • Renise 2456 days ago
    15 planks this morning it was tough after running a 5k last night with Girls on the Run
  • Renise 2458 days ago
    10 today did t25 focus its 9:40 tried
  • Determinedmama 2622 days ago
    Did 2 more planks things are harder then they look but I'm staying determined to get in shape and healthier for myself and my daughter !
  • shortwarrior 2872 days ago
    Did a plank for 90 seconds.
  • NewT 2888 days ago
    5 planks before bed. Better do more tomorrow or I will never hit 100.
  • Maddi 3155 days ago
    Easy all done in 3 days
  • Maddi 3160 days ago
    This is easy i did all of them in 2 days :)
  • Angienevaeh 3166 days ago
    Ten planks done today
  • Mikeyyyyyg 3189 days ago
    Only did 7 but i will finish
  • Momma11 3268 days ago
    10 planks so far today!
  • Momma11 3269 days ago
    5 so far today! Hope to do some more
  • Momma11 3271 days ago
    10 so far today hoping to do at least five more:)
  • Momma11 3272 days ago
    10 for 20 seconds !! I def feel it:)
  • Skylarista 3281 days ago
    Did 5 right now will do more later
  • miaz 3293 days ago
    21/100. I need to space these out during the day and not try to do them all at bedtime, ha
  • miaz 3294 days ago
    10/100... not a bad start, I think!
  • Daisy74 3304 days ago
    10 last night, 10 this morning, 10 more tonight.
    50 total since I started. I'm sore
  • aspaceinvader 3369 days ago
    Abdominals ravaged, abdominals burned.
  • aspaceinvader 3370 days ago
    Dear god why have I done this?
  • wahiiba 3378 days ago
    Doing it by number of seconds instead, 40 secs today

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