• 20 Normal Pushups a day

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    What to do: For the next 7 days, do 20 normal pushups a day. Spread them out or do them all at once.

    If you're looking to firm up your upper body and increase your chest muscle strength, this challenge will hit those goals head on. The 20 push-ups a day challenge is a great one for anyone to take and will only require about 3 minutes from your day. Let's look at what this challenge entails.

    1. Why Push-Ups?

    Push-ups are the exercise of choice for this challenge because they are going to work multiple muscles at once and help to boost your metabolism, increasing your overall daily calorie burn.

    In addition to that, they'll firm up your arms, so if you feel like your arms are rather 'soft and flabby', this is a way to get past this.

    Push-ups can be done without any equipment as well, making them a fantastic option wherever you happen to be doing your workout. Or if you prefer, you can do them at any point in the day when you have a few spare seconds.

    2. How To Properly Perform Push-Ups

    To properly perform the push-up, you want to place the hands down beneath you about shoulder width apart. From there, bend at the elbows while keeping the back in alignment and lower yourself down until your sternum is almost touching the ground. Note that the body should stay in a straight line throughout this movement.

    Pause at the top and then press back up until the elbows are fully extended again. That completes one rep, so aim for ten before moving on.

    3. Advanced Moves To Consider

    The last thing to consider is the advanced moves that you can do to boost the intensity and see faster results. If you can do a regular push-up with ease, consider incline or decline push-ups.

    Place the hands or feet up on a bench behind you and push-up from there. Still not challenging enough?

    Push-ups on an exercise ball is the way to go then. This exercise will really target every single muscle fiber deep within the chest muscle as it contracts to keep you stabilized. In addition to that, you'll also hit the abs to a very large extent with this exercise, which will help reduce the total time you have to spend doing crunches.

    So get ready to give your upper body muscles a challenge. Aim for 20 a day and you'll feel a difference in as little as one week's time.

Daily Check-In

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  • Darkusskiba 2415 days ago
    I did 20 push ups all together but 10 at a time
  • Darkusskiba 2416 days ago
    Did 20 push ups having a hard time tho
  • Darkusskiba 2417 days ago
    20 push ups didnt do so good tho
  • Darkusskiba 2418 days ago
    20 late night push ups
  • Logan 2477 days ago
    Shshajaakakaaajsnsnansjdjjsbsbejsjajabsbshsbsbjxjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjwqqkakqaaoaiakajsjdbzhsbdjjxnxnjejsjzhxjejsjdnnddnjdjdjdjsjkakakakeieiwisjdjjdjxnxnsjsjsjzjzjsbshwjsjsjxjxsjskskakqqlalapwpwpwowkdjjddjdjdjskwkqkqkwkwkowowowowowoedkrjfjrjjdjdjdjdjxjxjxjdjddjdjxjxjxjxjjxxjxdjdjsjgfhjjhhfjdjdjdjdjdjdjsjssoaoaowidjdhdejajqnsbxbsnw dnsnqnqndnsjwndsnwbbsssjsjswjjwnwnnenenejeeofmfejdbhsndndnendndjerjdnznxnxnddjjxfnjdjekejekdjdjfjfjrjdjdjrndjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjrnrjejdjdjdjdjdjdjdjejejejejjejdjdxnfndjxxxffffgg
  • Smee44 2488 days ago
    Hard. Really, really hard.
  • Piesciuk 2529 days ago
    Today I did all 20 in one set. The first 18 were done with ease. I struggled with only the last two. I think I'm getting better!
  • Piesciuk 2530 days ago
    Done! 2 sets of 10 with a 10-second rest in between.
  • Piesciuk 2531 days ago
    Done! It seems like it's getting easier every day.
  • Piesciuk 2532 days ago
    Done! I actually did 2 sets of 20. I'm working on another challenge at the same time that requires push-ups and I thought it would be cheating to use one set for both challenges! :)
  • Piesciuk 2533 days ago
    Done! Still struggling with sore muscle in shoulder but completed this challenge nonetheless!
  • Piesciuk 2534 days ago
    My shoulder muscle was a little sore from yesterday, but I did manage to do all 20 again today.
  • Piesciuk 2535 days ago
    Done with little difficulty! We'll see how it goes tomorrow.
  • Halfkit 2736 days ago
    Arms burning and tummy rumbling
  • Bkmahan 2810 days ago
    Driving all day - no push-ups
  • Bkmahan 2815 days ago
    20 push ups in sets of 5
  • RChambers7 2816 days ago
    I used to be able to do a lot of push ups and now I can only do 10-15 at a time! I'm doing 10 in the morning and 10 at night to get my 20 in.
  • JawLine 2845 days ago
    Whew. Hard but not as hard as I expected after so long not doing them.
  • apocalypsearisen 2857 days ago
    Wow! I could barely do any at first but kept persevering, now I can do them all at once!
  • cdaily 2871 days ago
    I did blogilates "angel arms" which felt like 9 million push-ups, so I'm gonna count today as completed! There's no way my arms could handle 20 push-ups after that insanity :p

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