• 30 Days of Whole Foods

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    What to do: For the next 30 days, eat only whole foods

    If you're looking to create a dramatic transformation and be your healthiest yet, one thing that you should be looking at is the foods that you're putting into your body.

    Remember, feeling great is about more than achieving a desired calorie intake that allows you to reach your body weight goals. Feeling great is about making sure that you're putting in nothing but the healthiest foods into your body so that you know for certain you're providing optimal nutrition with each and every meal and snack.

    Far too many people get hung up on the little details of calorie counting and completely forget to look at the bigger picture. Eat the wrong foods and you will not be feeling well.

    This is why you should take the 30 days of whole foods challenge. Let's look at what this challenge is about.

    Why 30 Days Of Whole Foods?

    So why should you take this challenge in the first place? The biggest reason to take the 30 days challenge is because it will make it very clear to you how what you put in your body influences you.

    If you start making transitions, cutting out all the junk foods and bringing back in foods that are chalk full of nutrition and keep your blood sugar levels stable, you will be absolutely amazed what this will do to your well-being.

    In addition to this, it can give you a great appreciation for what healthy food consists of. Your taste buds will become desensitized to those high-sugar, high-fat foods that you used to eat and you'll be awakened to foods that are in their most natural state.

    Challenge Approved Foods

    So which foods are challenged approved? Where should you be placing your focus?

    The best foods for you to be eating include:

    - Fresh fruits and vegetables

    - Nuts and natural nut butters

    - aeeds

    - Lean meats

    - wggs

    - dish

    When searching for a food to add to your diet plan, ask yourself these two simple questions:

    - Was this food made by a man?

    - How many ingredients are in it?

    The foods that you include in your diet should have been created by mother nature and should have just a single ingredient listing.

    Challenge Un-Approved Foods

    Looking at the other end of the coin, which foods should you be avoiding then?

    The main foods to avoid are:

    - Candy, chips, cakes, cookies – any junk foods such as that

    - Dairy products

    - Processed meats

    - Pickles and other canned foods

    - Starchy vegetables

    - legumes

    - leans

    - lentils

    - cereals

    - rice

    - pasta

    - breads

    - oats

    - barley

    So as you approach your 30 day challenge, keep these food lists in mind. Expect the first few days to be a slight struggle, but if you push through it, it'll get much better from there.

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  • kamaile73 3209 days ago
    I started the Whole30 program (google it) on Monday...so far so good!
  • kaiazoo 3239 days ago
    For me, this means vegan and gluten-free, no packaged or processed foods except for my hemp protein powder with almond milk. It means mostly a raw vegetable diet, as fruits will overwhelm the sugar count for the day. It also means no eating out at restaurants for 30 days except for salads without dressing. Since I'm doing intermittent fasting, this really only applies every other day. However, I will remain free of grains for 30 days, at a max of 1000 , calories per day, 50 carbs, 50 proteins, 17 fats

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