• 50 pushups in a row

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    What to do: Perform 50 pushups in a row by the end of 50 days.

    Number of Points: +5000

Daily Check-In

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  • HappySpur 2663 days ago
    I made it to 40 today.
  • PizzaFan 2712 days ago
    New 1 set max today! 55! Challenge complete! I'm gonna keep going! Still have 38 days. Maybe 100? Oh the possibilities(:
  • PizzaFan 2714 days ago
    40 today! This is really working! So proud(:
  • PizzaFan 2715 days ago
    36 pushups today! Huge jump! Very proud
  • PizzaFan 2716 days ago
    Did a great pushup workout today, sets counting down from 18 with a 35 second break between. Should build some endurance up. I'll record my new max set tomorrow.
  • PizzaFan 2717 days ago
    30 today! Feeling really proud of myself(:
  • PizzaFan 2718 days ago
    26 today. Getting stronger(:
  • PizzaFan 2719 days ago
    Wow this will be a great challenge for me, used to pump out 60 easy! Now I can barely do 25. Huge difference. Now I have something to work toward. Thank you!
  • Ace 2940 days ago
    Today I performed 20, 25, 15, 15, 30, 15, 10 on 3 hours of sleep. However, pushups are getting a bit shallow. Watch that form next time, and if it's lacking in depth, just go ahead and repeat this routine. Training speed and recovery time has been very useful.
  • 45kk 2973 days ago
    Managed to do 27 today!
  • 45kk 2976 days ago
    starting at 25 in a row
  • Ekk 2988 days ago
    up to 30, will see if I can push even higher tonight :D
  • Ekk 2989 days ago
    Able to do 25 in a row now!
  • Ekk 2993 days ago
    Going to try and do 22 tonight
  • Ekk 2994 days ago
    will do 21 pushups instead of 20 today

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