• Complete Week 1 of P90X program

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    What to do: Tony Horton's BeachBody P90X fitness routine. Complete the first week of the routine, not missing any of the workouts.

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  • priceless630 2445 days ago
    I just started P90x with my boyfriend yesterday so today will be day 2…..yay
  • CJ123 2655 days ago
    I finished day 2 week 1 P90X plyometrics it's really tough but I feel good after doing it
  • CJ123 2656 days ago
    Finished day 1 of week one in P90X
  • Justywusty 2698 days ago
    I've completed week one of P90x and am now on week 3.
  • GreenerVigil 2782 days ago
    Second day on week one of p90x. I'm sore but not so much that I can't get anything done. Looking forward to polymetrics.
  • Leiby 2928 days ago
    Today is my 2nd day of my first week doing P90X. Ouch! I'm sore!!
  • piperkyle 3060 days ago
    I didn't do so hot today. Started Polymetrics(i think it's called) and i must have done something around. About 20 min into it my lower back was so stiff and sore. I had to call it quits about half way through. I'm gonna try to finish it tomorrow.
  • piperkyle 3061 days ago
    I started it yesterday actually so i got that done!
  • winterpromise31 3132 days ago
    Today I completed day 2!

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