• Few Carbs as Possible

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    What to do: I'm going to set a limit of 15-20 carbs a day. My body THRIVES on carbs.. a little too much. This will help cleanse my body and will proba

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Daily Check-In

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  • SaltwaterVal 2438 days ago
    I have started no carbs since January 6th
  • bridgettedella 2635 days ago
    no carbs at all today! :)
  • Natosha120 2757 days ago
    white lean protein doet plan to make fornhard low carb test out
  • Allio107 2781 days ago
    I had two slices of 45 calorie whole grain bread which had 20 carbs. I had to ask myself do I want carbs later or now? I chose the now just cuz it's not an egg sandwich w/o 2 slices and I knew I wouldn't have been satisfied. I've never thought so hard about my food choices in my life! Lol
  • Allio107 2781 days ago
    I did terrible today. I had these spanikopita things and ate em like they were a meal along w my two corn tortillas at breakfast. I made it up at dinner. Salad and two drumsticks... But still. Tomorrow I will do better!
  • Allio107 2783 days ago
    Captains log lifestyle change date 2.4/13.... Corn tortilla with eggs for breakfast. 11 g of carbs... I'm not counting veggies so I have about 11 more carbs allowed.
  • Allio107 2784 days ago
    Do fruit/veg carbs count? Can I do it by only counting "bread carbs?
  • Andrea 2941 days ago
    Doing good! I only have about 30-40 carbs a day. For me thats awesome!
  • Andrea 2945 days ago
    Gonna be a tough one today
  • Andrea 2945 days ago
    Tried as few carbs. Still was 5 under!
  • Andrea 2948 days ago
    Day 1 of very few carbs and my body has already freaked out on me! I will make it!
  • OsirisTree 2953 days ago
    No processed food ! No bread pasta or rice or other type of fast sugars
  • OsirisTree 2958 days ago
    Didn't eat any processed carbs today
  • Masher1974 3049 days ago
    So far today I've had only 13 carbs!!!
  • Masher1974 3050 days ago
    I've had roughly 20g carbs today!!
  • Ksangyal83 3076 days ago
    Mostly veg carbs all day+a 2 tbsp of rice pilaf.
  • Ksangyal83 3077 days ago
    Protein shakes and salad all day
  • Chako 3079 days ago
    Carbs are still low.
  • Chako 3080 days ago
    Not very many carbs allowed on this diet either...
  • Chako 3082 days ago
    Only Melba toast allowed on this diet.

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