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    What to do: For the next 5 days, we want you to spend 15 minutes reading success stories of people who have changed their health.

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  • altyler84 2970 days ago
    Silverfire, that's for the link.
  • Silverfire 2970 days ago
  • Silverfire 2972 days ago
  • Cloni_ar 2973 days ago
    Just watched the video on god vine about the vet who was barely able to walk even w assistance...very inspiring video

    **thanks for the recommendation @chunky mcpew
  • Justjuls 2975 days ago
    got to start again and do it right this time
  • Chunky McPew 2975 days ago
    Here's today's. http://www.godvine.com/Man-Barely-Able-to-Stand-on-his-Own-Does-the-Unthinkable-Amazing-1476.html
  • Justine 2976 days ago
    Read a few stories here - http://www.shapefit.com/success-stories.html
  • mrsgorgon 2977 days ago
    Met with my nutricianist today and she was very inspiring. I'm ready to get in the success is less (fat) pathway.
  • Chunky McPew 2978 days ago
    Starting. Read thru the site.
  • Justine 2978 days ago
    Hi everyone! You might find these inspiring: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/weight-loss-success-stories-11 They're all women's stories but I think they'd be just fine for men to read, too. They cover losing weight and getting fit through diet plus exercise. Photos too.

    I really liked the fact some of the "success story" people took time to lose weight, and they all give little tips.

    Please pass on any inspirational links you find. I'm struggling a bit to find stuff
  • Justine 2980 days ago
    I'm loving this challenge!

    Who has some good websites to share?
  • istoria 2983 days ago
    Did this. Read /loseit on reddit and found this awesome video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNL_DAI19_I
  • Mamie 2984 days ago
    Reading flat belly diet by Liz Chapter one had a success story.
  • Nikkibod2 2987 days ago
    Inspired by stories from last week's London Marathon. 100 year old man ran 26 miles!!
  • saleemhuepenny 2988 days ago
    did a "dream list starter" chart.
  • lqboren 2988 days ago
    old Biggest Loser episodes while doing step ups.
  • saleemhuepenny 2989 days ago
    spent some time reading user posts. inspiring to see what other slim kickers are doing!
  • saleemhuepenny 2990 days ago
    Forwarded fitness article to my weight loss group at the office
  • tiffypooh 2992 days ago
    I love reading everyone's successes on here each day! That is inspiration for me!
  • shigenoiharuki 2992 days ago
    searching inspiration..

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