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    What to do: For the next week, give a compliment to 1 person everyday.

Daily Check-In

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  • MusicMutt 2233 days ago
    Shirley had beautiful hair today!
  • MusicMutt 2234 days ago
    Husband looked good in his suit this morning
  • MusicMutt 2235 days ago
    Compliments to all 5th grade girls in their pretty dresses.
  • Misti_Lee_A 2243 days ago
    Gave a compliment today or a few :)
  • Misti_Lee_A 2244 days ago
    Gave 2 compliments today :) if not more :)
  • Waistline97 2303 days ago
    Complimented Faith on her announcement.
  • 01kimbo 2349 days ago
    This is my favorite task!
  • 01kimbo 2351 days ago
    Complimented my co workers toddy!
  • fcassidy 2356 days ago
    Compliment to R and R
  • 01kimbo 2357 days ago
    Spent lunch with a friend. She needed encouraging words.
  • Mstar 2386 days ago
    I liked my dads shirt.
  • Mstar 2388 days ago
    I liked my dads outfit.
  • Mstar 2389 days ago
    I liked my moms shirt.
  • Mstar 2390 days ago
    I liked my moms shirt
  • Mstar 2390 days ago
    I liked my moms sweater.
  • Riko 2539 days ago
    I try to be mindful of this anyway, so I will be extra attentive this week.
  • Spotydog123 2551 days ago
    Gave two compliments!!
  • Mstar 2571 days ago
    I liked dads jacket.
  • mippa 2573 days ago
    Keeping an eye out for peeps to encourage~
  • Randrew 2573 days ago
    Complimented Matt at soccer last night and Cindy today

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