• Give up fast food for 5 days

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    What to do: Give up any fast food, this includes anything that comes in a brown bag through a drive through!

    Number of Points: +500

Daily Check-In

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  • +philophobic+ 2695 days ago
    No fast food for me woo!!
  • +philophobic+ 2706 days ago
    I'm good for today no fast food :)
  • purrmeow 2959 days ago
    One day down. I will be doing a big crockpot dish tomorrow and freeze some of it for later in the week so I won't be tempted to grab some fast food after a long day at school.
  • alana21 3075 days ago
    No fast food today :)
  • thinkDoug 3089 days ago
    Day 2 still going strong, the running I've been doing is helping with the stress I'm feeling at work. Usually when I'm stressed I go straight to fast food, hopefully I'll keep this routine up instead.
  • alana21 3089 days ago
    Failed today and have McDonalds for lunch :(
  • thinkDoug 3090 days ago
    No fast food today, though I did crave it at the end of the day.
  • alana21 3091 days ago
    Done quite well with this challange, Have only had a handful of chips yesterday for lunch and then stopped!
  • alana21 3094 days ago
    Day two and I still havent had any takeway! I have pumpkin and spinach risotto for lunch instead!
  • alana21 3095 days ago
    Day one and I have successfully not eaten any takeaway!
    I had a chorizo and rocket linguine for lunch instead!

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