• Hara Hachi Bu Challenge

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    What to do: 1 Meal a day, before you eat, for fun say "Hara hachi bu", or: "I'm going to eat until I'm 80% full."

    For this challenge, we're going to practice what the Okinawans refer to as 'Hara Hachi Bu'. Or eat until you're just 80% full.

    The logic behind this practice is simple. It can take up to 20 minutes for the brain to fully recognize it has enough food. So when you think you're 80% full, you're actually full. But if we eat until we're 100% full, we're just overeating.

    For the Okinawans, this rule (coupled with an active lifestyle) has helped them maintain a healthy weight and keeps them very healthy - they have one of the longest lifespans in the world.

    This challenge may not apply to all, but for many of us, we've been conditioned to finish everything on our plate - even if we're full. This mindless eating disconnects us from our body's natural satiety signals. When you keep the 80% rule in mind, it causes you to eat mindfully. To ask yourself during your meals: Do I really need another bite? Or am I compulsively eating?

    Quick Tips:

    So now that you know what this concept is all about, how can you implement it in your own diet plan? Here are some tips:

    Eat Slower

    First, start putting your fork down between bites of food. This will help to slow down the eating process, giving your brain a chance to recognize when it's full.

    In addition, make sure that you never eat your meals when rushed. Aim to be relaxed and give yourself at least 30 minutes from start to finish.

    Smaller Servings

    Start dishing up smaller serving sizes. Rather than dishing yourself up a full plate of food, fill your plate half full. Then, once you're finished, pause for five to ten minutes before deciding whether you'll go in for seconds. That way you won't feel guilty for not finishing.

    Save Some For Tomorrow

    Leaving 20% of your food would be wasteful. Instead, you could save the rest as leftovers for lunch the next day.

    Use Chopsticks

    If you naturally eat fast without paying attention, try eating with chopsticks. You'll probably end up eating much slower, and as a result will recognize when you should stop.

    1 Meal A Day

    Don't do this for every single meal. Instead just pick a single meal such as lunch, and aim to eat until you're 80% full. See how you feel afterwards.

Daily Check-In

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  • Johnsons 2582 days ago
    I said "I will eat until I am 80%" full
  • Johnsons 2583 days ago
    Before I ate lunch I told myself I would only eat until I am 80% full, not when all my food is gone
  • HelloItsErin 2758 days ago
    Said it for every meal for the last two days, but I forgot to check in ... Oops X
  • HelloItsErin 2760 days ago
    Only started it today when I had finished eating so I am saying it twice tomorrow.
  • Halfkit 2801 days ago
    This is getting easier
  • Halfkit 2804 days ago
    It was hard, but I did it
  • Halfkit 2805 days ago
    Its hard to tell when your roughly %80 full but i think i did alright
  • justdoit22 3082 days ago
    doing okay- could be better. working on it
  • Seaturtle 3134 days ago
    Going out to buy a pair of chop sticks!
  • Brooklyn 3209 days ago
    I did it for breakfast and lunch :) hopefully I won't forget at supper
  • Lisagee1219 3291 days ago
    I did it! First day!
  • CobaltAsh 3348 days ago
    80% both dinner and lunch :D
  • wahiiba 3368 days ago
    Over-ate a little tonight at dinner out, probably 90% full
  • wahiiba 3369 days ago
    Getting much easier to feel content at this level
  • wahiiba 3370 days ago
    Managed to leave some dinner when I was full enough
  • wahiiba 3372 days ago
    It's weird to feel incompletely full but getting used to it
  • wahiiba 3374 days ago
    Not feeling overly full at all
  • wahiiba 3374 days ago
    Big dinner tonight but better at breakfast/lunch
  • Letsdothis 3445 days ago
    Tried this for lunch today. I ate slow but I wasn't too sure when to stop. Save me left overs or dinner so no guilt about wasting food.
  • mippa 3452 days ago
    Keeping up the good fight! Eating chewier things (like lettuce) and spicier things help me slow down, to boot!

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