• I will quit fast food!

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    What to do: It doesn't make sense that carrot costs more than a burger. Chemically engineered what seem to look like food can not be good for you.

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  • Rochelle 2647 days ago
    Not too hard I cook most of my meals
  • ednasilrak 2782 days ago
    I can do this as long as Chipotle isn't fast food. I need a burrito bol here and there. A night off from "what's for dinner!"
  • Jacque 2924 days ago
    Today I had a Salad, Lasagna, a Coffee, and a cookie. No Fast Food today!
  • roadyjane 3040 days ago
    I've been doing pretty good about not eating fast food lately. I do have to admit to grabbing a bit of Taco Cabana now and then, but I'm working on it.
  • kharizee 3084 days ago
    No fast food but fine dining?
  • kharizee 3086 days ago
    Home all day, no fast food!!!
  • kharizee 3089 days ago
    no fast food, just veggie smoothie i made
  • kharizee 3092 days ago
    stayed home all day :)
  • kharizee 3094 days ago
    4th day :} it's tough but I can do it!
  • kharizee 3096 days ago
    second day... oh yeah!
  • kharizee 3097 days ago
    was able to resist fast food on my first day!
  • michelleyl86 3097 days ago
    I thought it would be really convenient to stop by a fast food place after a workout but I went straight home and cooked myself a healthy meal!

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