• Information Diet Challenge

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    What to do: Limit yourself to 5 minutes of social media per day

    Ever find yourself spending hours online some days, wondering where the time has gone at the end of the day? Social media especially can easily suck hours of your day if you aren't careful.

    So this week's challenge is to go on the information diet.

    There are 2 ways to do this challenge. One is to simply spend a maximum of 10 minutes a day using any types of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc). In addition to social media, you can't read/watch the news. You can read fiction though. If you enjoy a good romance or science fiction novel, have at it.

    The 2nd way to do this challenge is to do 1 hour of exercise for every hour you're using social media. Tools like RescueTime are useful for tracking how much time you're devoting to certain online activities.

    Going on an information diet may sound like a strange thing to do. However, spending too much time online, scouring our friend feed, or devouring useless (often negative) information can create stress in our life. They create 'busyness' in our day that isn't really accomplishing all that much. They can lead you to feel quite unbalanced at the end of the day, leading you to not accomplish the things that really matter to you.

    What's worse is that for some people, these sites are starting to replace interpersonal connection. They're replacing the desire to actually see someone else face-to-face.

    Sitting behind a computer all day and chatting with your friends just doesn't have the same positive impact on our social and emotional health.

    So there you have your challenge for this week. Just as we should watch what we eat, we should also watch what information we're consuming. Information is vastly available in today's society, thanks to Google and smartphones. Instead of consuming everything we see, we should ask ourselves: is this relevant to my life? Is it actionable? Or am I just bored? Instead of spending another hour on Facebook, why not spend that hour pursuing a new hobby, meeting a friend face to face, or going outdoors to have some fun?

Daily Check-In

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  • Carnahankb 2237 days ago
    Fallen off the wagon a little
  • Carnahankb 2239 days ago
    Cutting myself off from Facebook. Don't need the drama
  • Awhite3412 2362 days ago
    No fb got out of the house today :)
  • Awhite3412 2363 days ago
    Nothing but no drama feels good staying off fb
  • Awhite3412 2364 days ago
    No fb for me except to log my couch to 5k app
  • Awhite3412 2364 days ago
    Havnt been on Facebook since I started this challenge today
  • RicheleMarie 2445 days ago
    I love twitter. This is gonna be hard :(
  • Davebarakian@gmail.com 2789 days ago
  • rockinwallie 2791 days ago
    So far so good! I didn't go on FB at all this weekend and it felt fantastic! :D
  • donettap 2792 days ago
    It was easy. I'm tired of FB anyway.
  • suek11 2792 days ago
    Keeping it under the time I spend exercising
  • Davebarakian@gmail.com 2793 days ago
  • suek11 2795 days ago
    One hour of exercise=one hour of social media
  • Davebarakian@gmail.com 2795 days ago
  • rockinwallie 2795 days ago
    What a great challenge!! I will start now!
  • suek11 2796 days ago
    Less stressed when I don't watch the news.
  • genuinewhimsy 2796 days ago
    Going on vacation, perfect time to do this challenge!!!
  • The Britophile 2797 days ago
    I really, really need this right now! Have to concentrate on college work.
  • suek11 2797 days ago
    An hour of spinning=an hour of blogging and facebook
  • GrizzledAtoms 2798 days ago
    Sooooo... is SK considered social media?

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