• Lose 5 lbs

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    What to do: Lose 5 pounds, get $50 of Forever 21!

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  • Syeatts1414 1713 days ago
    Can't wIt to lose it!
  • NewMe85 1776 days ago
    I hope I loose 5 lbs!
  • NewMe85 1780 days ago
    Day 2 but still confused about how this particular challenge is supposed to work in regards to the checkin in.
  • NewMe85 1781 days ago
    This is my first day of this challenge an 2nd day of the slimkicker app. I am just confused, are we supposed to check in when we loose 5 lbs or just check in everyday till we finally did?
  • Trinalucky 1846 days ago
    Starting weight 145 down to 143.3
  • wakeupandsquat 1904 days ago
    Second day, feeling great!
  • wakeupandsquat 1905 days ago
    First day, ready to drop 5! Lets go!
  • ktagilbert 1927 days ago
    Today was good. It is the first day of a new lifestyle (again) and I ate well and got to the gym
  • Harrypotterhead 2018 days ago
    Down 1/2 pound. It's something!
  • Robinlukens 2063 days ago
    On Monday I began my diet. I started at 126. Today the scale was down to 122.7!
  • js302271@gmail.com 2097 days ago
    Lost a pound from yesterday to today
  • Emily1999 2101 days ago
    How can I find out if I lost some weight??
  • donald.scheid 2109 days ago
    Haven't weighed in yet.
  • donald.scheid 2110 days ago
    I did not weigh in today. Will do tomorrow AM.
  • Kelso71111 2127 days ago
    I fit in my corset now! It was way too small a couple weeks ago
  • Kelso71111 2129 days ago
    Day 1 of my new health routine...I've backslid a lot the last month and time to jump back into my weightless goals!
  • Sami-jo 2131 days ago
    I lost more than 5 lbs
  • 52ashle 2135 days ago
    I need to weigh myself soon
  • Keep-it-written 2135 days ago
    I don't think ive lost anything except a pound or two :(
  • Jessel 2139 days ago
    Well, now it's three pounds to go because I gained so much weight.

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