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    What to do: This week, make your diet/fitness goals more social, by including others as much as you can.

    If you're working your way towards a healthier lifestyle, you don't have to do it alone. In fact, by including others in your journey you may gain an important social network that can offer support and accountability. So, this week's challenge is to make your goals more social.

    Here are some ways to find and give support:

    1. Invite a friend to join SlimKicker.

    If you know someone who is wants to lead a healthier life, invite them to join SlimKicker. See if a little extra competition can help the both of you.

    2. Look For a workout buddy.

    By committing to work out with someone, you'll be less likely to skip the gym; and more likely to stick to your plan.

    3. Cook something healthy for someone, or with someone.

    4. Join a club.

    If you enjoy running, contact other runners. You may find there are many groups in your community at all different levels.

    5. Take a class.

    Are your cooking skills less than stellar? Sign up for a local class in your community or ask a friend to teach you a few techniques. You'll learn some new skills and meet people that have the same interests as you.

    6. Start a conversation with a stranger.

    If you notice that someone frequents the gym at the same time as you, don't be scared to say hello. You might make a new friend who shares similar experiences and goals as you.

    7. Choose activities that don't revolve around food

    Food is a very social thing. We celebrate with food; attempt to fix our feelings with food; and even bond over food. Instead of getting together with friends at a restaurant, try meeting them at a park, inviting them to a dance, or sign up for a sports league.

    So this week make it a point to get out there... and make your goals more social! Whether it's to help motivate you, or to pay it forward, and help others you know live a healthier lifestyle.

Daily Check-In

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  • glutenful 285 days ago
    I just reached out to friend to see if she'll be my accountability buddy. I also joined SlimKicker groups!
  • Diva.LT 2723 days ago
    I invited some of my co-workers to SlimKicker
  • Brookiloulou 2745 days ago
    Told someone else about it
  • Brookiloulou 2746 days ago
    Went and got a season pass to the natatarium
  • Brookiloulou 2747 days ago
    Told some of the girls at work!
  • Brookiloulou 2748 days ago
    Got my sister to start this with me!
  • lqboren 2765 days ago
    Going to be making some posts on Face Book giving away some of my numbers and maybe deleting any negative people.
  • Deanieril 2786 days ago
    Making Friday a movie day with friends.
  • renamarie77 2909 days ago
    Joined SlimKicker today... posted to my fb...
  • Earth Song 3048 days ago
    I invited my son to join in.. don't know if he will but I am working on this..
  • Shandra 3051 days ago
    Invited a friend after telling her about it during a walk.
  • kuehnebe 3053 days ago
    Got a friend to sign up for Slimkicker today!
  • Earth Song 3053 days ago
    I just joined a local "Walk the Pounds Away" group meets on Sundays and Thursdays!
  • Shani007 3053 days ago
    Invited 1 more member
  • Kaleidoscope 3054 days ago
    I talk to strangers all the time!!! It seems to be my duty to spread the news about health, wellness, and sustainable living :)
  • Gbelladauna 3054 days ago
    I have been off the wagon for about 8 days and my body is feeling it. I publicly announced today that I'm back to healthy eating and exercising and am including my friends.
  • Justine 3054 days ago
    Today I spoke to a colleague about the fantastic book 'On Eating' (www.amazon.com/Susie-Orbach-Eating/dp/0141007516/) which is about how to learn to eat with your hunger, and to enjoy food. Susie Orbach (you may know her name from the famous book 'Fat is a Feminist Issue') thinks that we should eat like we go to the bathroom - learning to just follow our body's signals about what it wants and when, instead of trying to count things and make rules about what is 'ok' to want.

    I plan to get a few copies of the book to give to people.
  • suek11 3055 days ago
    I worked out after school with 2 teacher buddies.
  • altyler84 3055 days ago
    Got the whole family to go on my walk this morning it was a blast
  • janetx 3056 days ago
    Dance party with kids

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