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    What to do: Get 3 hours of slow movement/exercise in this week.

    Think that in order to see excellent fat loss results you need to be performing extremely intense activity? Equate fitness progress with pain?

    If so, you need to change your thought process around. The fact of the matter is that any exercise counts and often it's the exercise that you do outside of the gym that will make the greatest differences on your weight loss and health goals.

    Slow exercise is awesome to add to your program because it's low intensity so will be comfortable to do and won't put you at risk for overtraining. Do it for a period of 30-60 minutes, or break that up into five or six 10 minute bursts and you'll be burning fat faster than you ever thought possible.

    Let's take a look at a few slow exercise examples that you can do throughout the week to reach your weight loss goals.

    1. Get Up And Walk.

    There's nothing like starting the day with some fresh air to get your mind flowing, your blood pumping, and your energy level up. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and head outside. You will feel far better after this than if you would have just slept in.

    2. Cycle Around Your Neighborhood

    If you're looking for a way to create some family time or just want to get out on your own, pick up a bike and take a ride through the various parks or trails around where you live. Biking is a great low intensity way to strengthen the lower body and improve your cardiovascular shape.

    3. Window Shop

    If you're meeting a friend to catch up on the weekend, rather than sitting down to a cup of coffee, head to the local mall and window shop instead. This is a great way to burn calories and enjoy your time together. Just be sure to avoid the food court!

    4. Garden

    Many people find gardening to be one of the best stress reducing activities they can do and with a bit of time and effort will take great pride in what they create. Gardening is excellent because it's very low impact and will work all the main muscle groups in the body.

    5. Rollerblade

    Rollerblading can be high or low intensity depending on how you do it, but for the purposes of this approach, go out for a casual rollerblade for a friend. Keep your heart rate down and aim to skate for 30 minutes straight. This is a great alternative to walking.

    6. House Clean

    Finally, the last way to get your activity in throughout the week is one thing that you may dread, but always feel better after doing: housecleaning.

    Coming home to a clean and organized house will just make you feel good and most housecleaning activities actually burn off a number of calories.

    So stop thinking that you have to be exhausted or feel like you're suffering to get in shape. Take the alternative approach and you'll be happy with what you can accomplish.

Daily Check-In

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  • Chickentootle 1835 days ago
    Doing 1 hour each day
  • ella6230 2129 days ago
    Killed time between appointments by taking a 45 minute stroll through town.
  • JessicaM. 2169 days ago
    Walking around campus
  • JessicaM. 2172 days ago
    Walking to class everyday is plenty of exercise!
  • JessicaM. 2172 days ago
    Workouts plus walking to class everyday!
  • lindalea 2208 days ago
    today went window shopping for about 2 hours
  • WBhiker 2225 days ago
    20 minutes cleaning the kitchen
  • CCChrn 2260 days ago
    Walked around shopping.
  • CCChrn 2263 days ago
    Got at least 30 minutes of exercise in today
  • Keiaburchell 2277 days ago
    Another successfully say
  • 01kimbo 2283 days ago
    Worked and walked around for 6 hrs gonna clean some house too.
  • 01kimbo 2284 days ago
    At work today. Walking around for 6 hrs!
  • 01kimbo 2285 days ago
    Worked yesterday lots of walking and stretching. 7 hours of it. A success. Today might be more challenging. Babysitting and church. I'll go my best.
  • 01kimbo 2287 days ago
    Working today 6 hrs on my feet serving customers. Then finishing house work done!
  • 01kimbo 2288 days ago
    Can do! I will clean house today.
  • Fraser10 2340 days ago
    Walked for an hour at work today.
  • Tricey21 2354 days ago
    I walk 20min ATLEAST each day at my lunch break!
  • Coshie 2379 days ago
    Evening walk with hubby
  • Coshie 2382 days ago
    Went for a stroll with hubby and son
  • Coshie 2386 days ago
    Went for an hour and half walk around the neighbourhood stopping to chat, about 45 min was walking

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