• no alcohol for a week

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    What to do: This is how I fall back in to bad eating habits. Just one drink turns in to 5 drinks and an order of chicken wings and french fries. First s

    Number of Points: +700

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  • GiggleLauren 2655 days ago
    Haven't had any alcoholic beverages in a couple days
  • misstukhannock 2673 days ago
    I've never had alcohol ever.
  • misstukhannock 2674 days ago
    I don't drink. Woohoo!!
  • Debs 2775 days ago
    A glass of wine is a guilty pleasure, a week without it will be hard!
  • mippa 2916 days ago
    It's not fair...this is an easy challenge for me!
  • PotatoThunder 2993 days ago
    A business trip to Shanhai is a good way to make this one work.
  • sylvar 3021 days ago
    Why did I do this challenge over the weekend of my college tribe's annual spring party? Gahh... But I did abstain, dammit!
  • FoxSpy 3035 days ago
    No booze, no problem.
  • meiii 3040 days ago
    Friday night will be a challenge as my friend's treating us with mojitos. :/ We'll see by then.
  • tercerero 3047 days ago
    Well, this is sneaky of me. I joined this challenge to get the points, because I haven't had a drink in almost 7 years, so I think one more week should be do-able. :)

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