• NO junk food

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    What to do: NO junk food for 7 days, only eat salads, rice crackers and healthy meals and reasonable portions and not over eat and snack!

    Number of Points: +700

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  • JessicaM. 2044 days ago
    Only fruits if I'm hungry
  • JessicaM. 2060 days ago
    Did good today just ate fruit for snacks!
  • JessicaM. 2070 days ago
    Rice cake instead of junk!
  • SaltwaterVal 2230 days ago
    have not had any junk food since January 6th
  • Saragauvin 2240 days ago
    No junk food what so ever
  • Saragauvin 2242 days ago
    First day no junk food. Feeling good.
  • Xxx_kieradm_xxx 2373 days ago
    No junk food is better and ill stick to it
  • clarkmerkle79 2420 days ago
    No junk food today at all! This is my weakness, this one will be a major challenge, even for just seven days.
  • ePower 2450 days ago
    This is so gosh darn hard!!!
  • ePower 2451 days ago
    So hard, but I can do it!!
  • ePower 2452 days ago
    No crap today. Day one passes!
  • ePower 2454 days ago
    This is so hard, but I'm gonna do it!!
  • ePower 2455 days ago
    Yeah....so close in getting a few mms but, I stopped! I got this!
  • Randa10M 2460 days ago
    Just starting, & I am excited!
  • Happyandhealthy29 2547 days ago
    All healthy eats for me ;)
  • Happyandhealthy29 2549 days ago
    I seldom eat junk food anyways so this is easy ;)
  • Oliviahall97 2560 days ago
    Ate some chocolate and rollo Mcflurry
  • Oliviahall97 2560 days ago
    Ate some chocolate and rollo McGuffey
  • Seeme17 2598 days ago
    God I'm getting worse..
  • Seeme17 2600 days ago
    Tried but didn't succeed :(

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