• No Processed Meats

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    What to do: Do not eat any processed meats for the next 14 days

    The challenge that you're going to undertake right now is omitting all processed meats from your diet plan. Many people are starting to realize the important of protein in their daily diet but neglect to consider where they're getting that protein from. Turn to the wrong sources and you really won't be doing yourself much better than if you hadn't taken in any at all.

    When you know the right types of protein to be eating however and then make sure to proceed to get those varieties in, that's when you can feel confident moving forward that you're supplying your body with the nutrients it requires.

    Let's take a closer look at what this challenge will consist of so that you can get it straight in your mind what you need to be doing.

    1. Meats To Avoid

    The primary meats that you'll want to avoid include hotdogs, salami, deli ham, pastrami, cured meats and cold cuts. These will contain far too sodium and nitrites to be considered part of a healthy diet plan.

    2. Meats To Eat

    Instead, you need to opt for lean protein sources that are going to supply you with high-quality nutrition. These sources include foods such as lean chicken, turkey breast, lean beef, bison, venison, salmon and other fish, pheasant, ostrich, goose, elk, as well as pork chops.

    These protein sources are high in quality protein, low in saturated fat (many actually contain good fats for the body) and are packed full of zinc, iron, and many other nutrients.

    3. Why Eat More Protein?

    Before leaving off this challenge, it's also important that you fully understand why eating more protein is important. Protein is the one nutrient that is going to supply your body with the materials it needs for rebuilding and repair.

    In addition to this, protein can help to keep your metabolic rate higher as you'll burn off more energy simply breaking it down. Furthermore, protein will help to calm the appetite as it's the food that's digested the slowest and will keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

Daily Check-In

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  • JessicaM. 1919 days ago
    This is easier than I thought
  • Cheshire 1954 days ago
    I'm a vegetarian. This should be easy
  • JessicaM. 1956 days ago
    Wasn't as bad as I thought.
  • Riko 2273 days ago
    I'm rewarding myself with this easy-for-me challenge. It is so rare for me to even find processed meat that is completely gluten free that this should be simple. (Of course, now that I'm doing the challenge, I'll probably see it everywhere.)
  • Jessel 2291 days ago
    At least this is easy. I hate meat.
  • Jolie14 2308 days ago
    So happy still didn't eat hotdog
  • Jolie14 2313 days ago
    I know I can do this. If you crave hot dog or hamburger just grab a salad or unsweetened gum. Or dry fruits.
  • rndhth 2314 days ago
    On target. Completed challenge.
  • rndhth 2316 days ago
    Avoided a hotdog last evening.
  • rndhth 2320 days ago
    No problem yesterday.
  • rndhth 2322 days ago
    Met the challenge today.
  • rndhth 2326 days ago
    No processed meats yesterday.
  • Pircilla Gorilla 2334 days ago
    This one will be easy. I don't do processed meats. Uck
  • Titi8996 2370 days ago
    Chicken breast
    A piece of cheese pizza
    4 starbursts
  • Tawnya75 2373 days ago
    It's pretty easy to not do this...
  • Tawnya75 2376 days ago
    I actually was almost going to eat lunch meat today and stopped myself before doing...
  • Tawnya75 2377 days ago
    I think this will be pretty easy for me since I don't eat processed meats to often...but you never know
  • Makeyla26 2382 days ago
    All healthy ..nothing processed
  • Makeyla26 2388 days ago
    No processed meat ..fish all the way tonight !
  • Guru 2426 days ago
    Nothing processed except vegan cheese slices whole grain crackers mini bonbel

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