• One square of chocolate a day

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    What to do: Don't totally neglect the sweet things in life or you'll end up on a binge! Willpower only goes so far, so treat yourself to this once a day

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Daily Check-In

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  • Halber02 2671 days ago
    Ate 2 bites of a brownie :)
  • Halber02 2673 days ago
    This is a challenge I can do! Buying one Hershey's bar!
  • Kayla.miller2313 2718 days ago
    Ate some sugar cookies today.
  • Ekk 3020 days ago
    Joining this to remind myself I'm allowed a piece of dark chocolate every day :)
  • Bozwizard 3099 days ago
    made me lunch so much better

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