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    What to do: The rules are simple - every day, make changes to set a foundation for a healthy life.

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Daily Check-In

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  • BoosMommy 2585 days ago
    8 miles this am on the elliptical!
  • BoosMommy 2593 days ago
    Daily exercise - 8 miles this am!!
  • BoosMommy 2599 days ago
    Exercise daily - 7 miles on elliptical this am!
  • MandyRose 2676 days ago
    Ate pretty healthy today go me. I thought my dinner was mediocre healthy but I was wrong.
  • MandyRose 2677 days ago
    Working on lean muscle workout for the next 29 days. Started yesterday to work out for a total of 30.
  • MandyRose 2678 days ago
    Walked 3,000 steps today so proud of myself.
  • MandyRose 2680 days ago
    Took my dog for a good walk

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