• Play With Your Kids

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    What to do: Play with your kids for at least 10 minutes everyday this week.

    In your quest to achieve a higher level of fitness, it's important that you don't forget to factor in 'fun'. Making exercise fun is vital to success because when you do so, you're going to find that you look forward to your workout sessions that much more and that you get greater stress relief because of them as well.

    If you dread each workout that comes your way, this will only add to the stress and anxiety that you feel throughout the week, causing more problems than good.

    One of the best ways to add fun back into fitness is to turn to your kids for ideas. Start looking at the different ways that you can be active with them so that you not only benefit from it, but they do too.

    You'll encourage a healthier lifestyle in them so that they are more likely to grow up with fitness in mind.

    Let's help you kick-start this challenge with a few quick ideas that you can do with your kids to relax and enjoy yourself. Aim to do these activities at least once a week when you need a break from the gym.

    1. Skip

    The first way to get in some physical activity with your kids is to go skipping. Skipping with two people on either end and one in the middle is a great exercise to test your coordination and agility and will help to burn calories in a hurry.

    2. Garden

    For those kids who like to get creative at play, have them do some gardening with you. Gardening will get them outdoors and help you de-stress all at the same time. Plant a flower bed and watch it grow together.

    3. Play Frisbee

    Frisbee is another excellent activity to consider doing with your kids. For those that are over the age of six or seven and who can run with ease, go out to an empty park or field and toss the Frisbee around. You'll help boost their hand-eye coordination while working the muscles of the upper body at the same time.

    4. Play Hide And Seek

    For those kids under six, hide and seek is a great game to play. There aren't many youngsters who won't get excited about this game and the jolt to the home base will provide them with some solid cardiovascular benefits.

    5. Go On A Picnic

    If you have an afternoon to spare, consider taking them on a picnic. Pack a picnic basket full of healthy foods and take a long walk to the park. Sit and relax for an hour before you head back home.

    6. Visit The Zoo

    Finally, if you're looking for some adventure, consider visiting the zoo. This will get you up and moving around and get your kids excited to see all the different animals. If they're at the age where they're just learning about animals, this is a perfect way to enrich their education.

    So start making fitness fun. Think outside the box and get your kids involved. You'll reap many benefits in the process.

Daily Check-In

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  • QueenLucy 912 days ago
    This challenge me to go outside and play tag with my two and four year old today and the look of sheer delight on their face to have "Mama" playing with them definitely made it worth it!
  • Melissa61480 2430 days ago
    Played in snow for 1 hour with kids
  • Piesciuk 2487 days ago
    My cat was even less interested today. He just stared at me like I was some kind of freak as I tried to juggle with his toys and then threw them down the hall and chased after them myself over and over again. :)
  • Piesciuk 2488 days ago
    Well I don't have any kids, but I wanted to complete this challenge so I could get the achievement. Instead I played with my cat. He probably got a better workout than I did, but he lost interest before the 10 minutes was up. I finished up the 10 minutes by throwing his toys and retrieving them myself. :)
  • Oriah 2706 days ago
    Went swimming with the kids for about 30min
  • Odeta 2742 days ago
    We were in the park today
  • Grace_SD 2798 days ago
    Walking with my kids today....I live in San Diego, no excuse to not be outside :)
  • Thompsonca 2804 days ago
    Played outside with my 19 month old on this beautiful day!
  • Susie2lose 2833 days ago
    Played catch with the dog and the kids
  • Coshie 2942 days ago
    Tossed him around rolled on floor with him
  • Coshie 2944 days ago
    Played on the floor and threw him around
  • Coshie 2948 days ago
    Rolled around on the floor and tossed him around
  • Coshie 2957 days ago
    Family picnic after a visit to the farmers market
  • Oriah 2998 days ago
    Carried him on my back, will dance party later
  • Stozzz 2998 days ago
    Swimming and dancing!
  • Stozzz 3001 days ago
    Ten minutes. If only!
  • Mandy1234567890 3047 days ago
    Done! for a lot longer than ten minutes too!
  • Tommie 3139 days ago
    Love spending time with my daughter.
  • Tommie 3143 days ago
    Everyday. One of my favs.
  • ksons 3146 days ago

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