• Put On Your Sneakers

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    What to do: Just put on your sneakers for 10 mins everyday this week.

    As you start up with your fitness plan, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by it all. You are excited about the results that you hope to see and have that plan in place, but getting yourself to the gym to actually do it proves to be a whole other ballgame.

    While you know what you want, you just can't seem to get started.

    If this is what's happening to you and preventing you from attaining the success that you're looking for, it's time that you take an alternate approach. That's what this challenge is all about.

    Let's take a quick look at the points to consider.

    1) Just Get Those Sneakers On

    The concept behind this challenge is to just get those sneakers on. This means that rather than trying to get yourself to the gym to put in 60 minutes total, which is going to feel quite overwhelming at this point, make a deal with yourself that you just need to get your sneakers on.

    Lace them up and get ready to go to the gym. Easy enough, right?

    2) Do 10 Minutes

    Once those sneakers are on, get into the gym and do ten minutes. Promise yourself that if after 10 minutes have pasted and you don't feel like do anything further, you can leave and go home.

    There is absolutely no pressure to stay any longer.

    Why This Works

    What does this challenge accomplish? By setting your sights lower like this, you reduce the expectations you have for yourself. You no longer have to perform some intense workout that you are stressing about.

    You no longer have to worry about a high level of fatigue build-up that you have to continue to work towards. Anyone can do 10 minutes of exercise so this will put your mind at ease. Then, once you're in the gym and have done those ten minutes, you're very likely to find that it's far easier than you thought. In fact, you might just enjoy it.

    Then once those ten minutes are up, you decide you want to go for another ten. Before you know it, you're on your way to completing that full workout that you dreaded so much before. Start setting your sights smaller. Reduce expectations and just make your goal showing up. In almost all cases, this will lead to more effort on your part, a higher level of happiness while in the gym, and better overall results.

Daily Check-In

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  • villabromez 969 days ago
    day 1, headed to gym
  • Ryu.Eien 1888 days ago
    I really need to start walking every day again, think this'll help.
  • Ilovepurple0001 2075 days ago
    I put my sneakers on twice today. I will put them back to jump some rope outside and some exercise before I go to bed.
  • streat2222 2145 days ago
    I know that I can do this.
  • Trish626 2439 days ago
    Wore them grocery shopping!
  • Mommy2ECH&I 2442 days ago
    Sneakers on for 30 + minutes
  • Tracimc 2447 days ago
    I put my sneakers on for 55 minutes!
  • GettinHotMama 2454 days ago
    Got em on for a couple hours already!
  • Streginka 2520 days ago
    Was walking for the whole day good exercise
  • Gothprincess90 2521 days ago
    Had them on for 4 hours straight at work today. Pulling 9 hours in them tomorrow :)
  • Piesciuk 2527 days ago
    I put on my sneakers and walked about 3 miles at a slow pace on the treadmill, followed by 50 minutes high-intensity on the elliptical trainer. How invigorating!
  • Piesciuk 2528 days ago
    I put on my sneakers and ended up doing about 3.5 hours of exercise... kickboxing, step aerobics, walking, and some strength training. It felt great!
  • Gothprincess90 2530 days ago
    Checking in. Sneakers have been on for an hour so far.
  • J0yeuse 2592 days ago
    Sneakers to run errands
  • CitricAcid 2598 days ago
    I got today done! Really can't wait for tomorrow!
  • CitricAcid 2598 days ago
    This is gonna be so hard for me! Looking forward to it!
  • VicHensh 2628 days ago
    Walked on treadmill 15 minutes today
  • VicHensh 2629 days ago
    Walked 15 minutes at 3 mph today.
  • VicHensh 2630 days ago
    Walked 15 minutes today.
  • VicHensh 2631 days ago
    Just did 17 minutes. Little over 1 mile.

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