• Say something wonderful about yourself

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    What to do: I know this is a 30 day challenge but I know the importance of saying something wonderful about yourself each day. Something different each

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Daily Check-In

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  • LunaCSunshine 1797 days ago
    Whenever I feel like a failure, I just need to remind myself that I am doing the best that I possibly can, and that doesn't make me a terrible person.
  • Darkusskiba 1859 days ago
    I couldn't log yesterday but i did say something and today i said i was great
  • Darkusskiba 1864 days ago
    I told myself im wonderful
  • Darkusskiba 1865 days ago
    I told myself i was a great sister
  • Darkusskiba 1866 days ago
    I told myself im kinda smart
  • Darkusskiba 1867 days ago
    I said im cool couldn't think of anything else
  • Darkusskiba 1868 days ago
    I said i am really smart
  • YehudaMAlexander 2317 days ago
    I am one awesome person!!!!! Checking in
  • michellekent 2364 days ago
    Right now I'm convincing myself that I am valued at work.
  • MagPots 2589 days ago
    I'm doing my best! And my rainbow hair kicks butt!
  • MagPots 2590 days ago
    I'm doing something to improve my lifestyle. I'm so proud of myself :)
  • Kayla.miller2313 2597 days ago
    I have pretty blue eyes.
  • Kayla.miller2313 2598 days ago
    I am beautiful in my own way.
  • Tommie 2603 days ago
    I am a child of God.
  • SaladLips 2605 days ago
    I am going to have an awesome time running today
  • SaladLips 2607 days ago
    I am beautiful from the inside out.
  • Kayla.miller2313 2608 days ago
    My eyes are a pretty color.
  • SaladLips 2609 days ago
    I am a kind person who genuinely cares about others.
  • SaladLips 2610 days ago
    I am doing the right thing and I am a good person
  • lqboren 2629 days ago
    10 miles with the average of 8 mph on a very hilly road with a bicycle.

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