• Skip The Escalator

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    What to do: For the next 7 days, take the stairs instead of the escalator every opportunity you get

    If you want to lose weight and firm up your body, there's no question that hitting the gym is a smart move. But in your mission to get in more gym sessions, don't forget the everyday. Think about all the many ways that you can get active throughout the day that will encourage a higher calorie burn and move you one step closer to success.

    Far too many people overlook just how much little bouts of exercise can add up. If you're serious about making progress, you need to get serious about being more active overall.

    The first and most commonly recommended way to get more exercise is to take the stairs more often. Walking up a flight of stairs can burn up to 10 calories, so if you do this ten times throughout the day, that's an additional 100 calories burned.

    Do this for one month and you've almost lost an entire pound of body fat.

Daily Check-In

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  • MusicMutt 2239 days ago
    Took stairs at church yesterday
  • MusicMutt 2242 days ago
    Walked the steps already twice today!
  • MusicMutt 2243 days ago
    Already took the stairs this morning
  • ktagilbert 2342 days ago
    After classes today I just really wanted to take the elevator up to my apartment but I forced myself to do the stairs
  • kiramarie 2535 days ago
    Well, oddly I faced no escalators today... But always take the stairs instead of my sketchy apartment elevator if that counts!
  • Bayleysmommy 2538 days ago
    I don't have steps in my day but I parked further away from the store
  • j4bles 2657 days ago
    No more elevator for me!
  • j4bles 2658 days ago
    Three flights this morning.
  • Tommie 2665 days ago
    Walked up the stairs to see the doctor. Will walk up stairs again when I get to work.
  • Tommie 2667 days ago
    I have been taking the stairs everywhere I can.
  • Tommie 2669 days ago
    Every chance I get, I have been taking the stairs.
  • Tommie 2671 days ago
    Been taking the stairs.
  • Bell 2719 days ago
    Walking. Walking walking
  • Bell 2721 days ago
    Never take the escalator. It's all about the stairs.
  • estherstjames 2810 days ago
    My legs hurt so bad from taking the steps all day yesterday. I probably did 200 steps at the minimum. OWWWWWWW
  • wahiiba 2829 days ago
    Staying away from buildings today
  • wahiiba 2830 days ago
    Took stairs instead of lift
  • wahiiba 2831 days ago
    Did not encounter any
  • wahiiba 2834 days ago
    No escalators at uni, but lots of stairs!
  • wahiiba 2834 days ago
    Unavoidable at the shopping centre, tried to walk up it as much as I could

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