• Skip Your Favorite Junk Food

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    What to do: For 1 week, don't eat your favorite junk/unhealthy food

    This week's challenge is going to be a tough one... This week, pick one unhealthy/junk food(we recommend 1 you often eat) and don't eat it for the entire week.

    If you're feeling anxiety right now, not to worry, this is perfectly normal. We all get enjoyment from eating our favorite foods. Because of this, we often tie them into emotions that we're feeling, which makes us turn to them more.

    For example, you might always eat ice cream when you're happy. As such, the habit is now built in. If you feel happy, ice cream is what you instantly want.

    Or, maybe you eat chocolate whenever you're sad. Now, rather than finding an effective way to deal with that emotion, you simply drown your sorrows in a candy bar. It's important to break free from these emotional connections if you want a healthy body.

    Let's look at what you need to know for this challenge to be completed.

    Healthier Alternatives

    Rather than just cutting out these foods, make it slightly easier for yourself. Find a healthier alternative that will taste like the food you love.

    For example, let's say you can't get enough chocolate. This is a favorite for many people. Rather than indulging in high calorie, high sugar chocolate, try and make up a healthier variety. Prepare some healthy chocolate pudding using low-fat pudding powder mix and skim milk. It'll contain a fraction of the calories and still satisfy your craving.

    Or, candy is what you crave, have some fruit instead. It'll hit your sweet tooth just as well.

    What To Do When Cravings Hit

    When cravings hit, do one of three things.

    1. If you feel you're hungry, eat the healthier substitute instead.

    2. If you aren't hungry, then go for a walk outside. Getting up and moving can help kill a craving instantly.

    3. Finally, try drinking a glass of water. Often food cravings are really just thirst in disguise, so if this is what's happening, the water will help calm the craving immediately.

    Taking It One Day At A Time

    Finally, remember that this isn't going to be an ultra easy process. It's going to take some time to overcome the built in cravings you have with your diet. But, with each day, it'll get a little easier. With time, all habits can be broken so be patient with yourself.

    By the time this week is up, you might just find that you no longer want to give in to your food cravings in the first place. And if you do happen to have a set-back and give in to something you shouldn't eat, don't get too distraught.

    Just pick yourself up and continue on doing as you should - eating healthy and using your smart food replacements. One small slip-up, in the grand scheme of things, is hardly something to be concerned about.

Daily Check-In

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  • NewdayBlair 1465 days ago
    I am s very lost in my cravings...I bought the largest box and almost ate all of it. I have to change and find my balance. The balance of vacation and exercise. I love myself so much more than what I have done lately.
    Need help.
  • Smee44 1839 days ago
    I did not achieve this today
  • Smee44 1840 days ago
    I didn't eat my all time favorite snack cheese it's, even though we just bought a new box!
  • Johnsons 1882 days ago
    It was tough but I did it
  • Johnsons 1883 days ago
    Another day without chips an honest struggle
  • Johnsons 1884 days ago
    I didn't eat chips today.
  • mollquill 1989 days ago
    I'm going to give up chocolate and ice cream. For the chocolate I'll look towards some more healthier alternatives. I'll make some sugar free dark chocolate fat bombs, which sounds awful but are great when you don't get enough healthy fats in your diet. Especially with me working out as much as I do. I will completely cut out ice cream. I have a tendency to gravitate towards the worst foods for me when I'm depressed. One of the big ones is ice cream (I'm lactose intolerant). By cutting it out I'll try and teach my mind and body that I shouldn't blame myself for my depression by trying to make it worse by eating something I know will make feel ill. Well, lets get to it!
  • Lucario888 2030 days ago
    Bkahxxurbzvcnskakdlvorjdh usidkdbzfkrkdmajrpeidncjdkeoe
  • Lucario888 2033 days ago
    I'm feeling ok today...
  • Lucario888 2033 days ago
    This is gona be a moderately difficult challenge. I eat junk food all day because I'm on vacations.
  • Christineh095 2089 days ago
    Sadly my favorite junk food is matcha kit kats :(
  • MusicMutt 2106 days ago
    Swapping out calorie free water for junk food
  • MusicMutt 2108 days ago
    Strawberries instead of angel food cake
  • MusicMutt 2110 days ago
    Instead of cupcakes with icing, had a tbsp of Nutella!
  • MusicMutt 2110 days ago
    My fav junk food is ice cream or s'mores. None today:)
  • CCChrn 2211 days ago
    Had a craving for chocolate ate an apple instead
  • Annayik 2226 days ago
    No chocolate of any sort today
  • Annayik 2226 days ago
    Haven't had chocolate today
  • Dano_dblock 2229 days ago
    No cookies or potato chips
  • Saragauvin 2239 days ago
    No junk food what so ever

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