• Sleep at 11 PM for A week

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    What to do: Get my beauty sleep everyday at 11 PM for 7 days in a row.

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Daily Check-In

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  • washedaway 1994 days ago
    Tonight was a late night... Oops
  • washedaway 1995 days ago
    It's 10:15 and I'll be going to bed in five minutes
  • washedaway 1996 days ago
    10:45 - close, but not 11
  • Naenae 2005 days ago
    Is it ok if i sleep earlier?
  • Cheshire 2080 days ago
    I'm pretty sure that's gonna be hard to do tonight :3 hehe.
  • Cheshire 2081 days ago
    Actually succefed last night! Woo!
  • Cheshire 2082 days ago
    That's kinda failing so..
  • jhackie 2086 days ago
    happy to start tonight
  • MusicMutt 2091 days ago
    In bed by 10pm on a Friday night
  • RChambers7 2146 days ago
    Ugh it's so hard to do!
  • RChambers7 2147 days ago
    I'm definitely going to bed earlier but not quite at 11
  • ChrisxCasey 2198 days ago
    I am so tired.. On to bed now.
  • iCocoa 2233 days ago
    This is surprisingly hard
  • iCocoa 2238 days ago
    Wee hoooo 2 mins late, i think it still counts
  • Mstar 2243 days ago
    I went to sleep earlier than this.
  • Mstar 2244 days ago
    I went to bed at this time.
  • Mstar 2245 days ago
    I went to sleep at this time.
  • Mstar 2246 days ago
    Went to bed before 11pm.
  • Mstar 2247 days ago
    I went to sleep earlier than this.
  • TiffanyAdams 2303 days ago
    It's 8:10pm right now, so I still have over 2 hours :)

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