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    What to do: Do your best the whole month of April

    Number of Points: +3000

Daily Check-In

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  • Denlorbun 2660 days ago
    I am really tring to watch what I eat!
  • Denlorbun 2663 days ago
    I ate yogurt instead of hot dogs for lunch
  • Denlorbun 2669 days ago
    I made good food choices
  • Denlorbun 2670 days ago
    Pedometer says 5600 steps!
  • Denlorbun 2672 days ago
    I ate small portions at the restaurant
  • Denlorbun 2674 days ago
    I ate a very light dinner to have cake at book club
  • Denlorbun 2675 days ago
    Still logging food choices
    It really lets me see my eating habits!
  • Denlorbun 2677 days ago
    Have logged over 4000 steps with 7 hours to go!
  • Denlorbun 2678 days ago
    I try to exercise 5 days a week
  • Denlorbun 2678 days ago
    I ate small portions of KFC foods
  • Denlorbun 2680 days ago
    I have been making good food choices
  • Denlorbun 2681 days ago
    Im wearing a pedometer today. We will see how far I go.
  • Denlorbun 2681 days ago
    Did some decluttering and organizing....many trips up and down the stairs!
  • Denlorbun 2683 days ago
    I did some ab work today!
  • Denlorbun 2684 days ago
    I have had very little Easter candy
  • Emilyperez 2687 days ago
    I hope I can lose at least ten pounds by the end of April
  • mmalba 3047 days ago
    Day 4 for me... had a good 3 days and going to keep going !
  • Nanagettingfit 3048 days ago
    day 3 and doing all right today.
  • Nanagettingfit 3049 days ago
    I am on day 2 and feeling good about my reaching my goals for the month of April. Got almost all my water in for today. Got my exercise in this morning walking.
  • mmalba 3049 days ago
    day 2, still feeling good. Got all my water and exercise in already. Just getting past dinner and going to bed.

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