• Sprint Once A Week!

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    What to do: For the next 2 weeks, sprint 15 mins every week.

    If there's one excellent form of exercise that you should be adding to your workout program, sprinting would be it. Sprinting is a great way to get the heart rate up, get your body burning off stored body fat tissue, and improve your fitness level significantly.

    Most people avoid sprinting because it is very hard work, but if you're serious about making fitness progress, it's a perfect form of exercise to be doing. Once a week is all it takes to see some significant changes occurring in your body and move yourself one step further towards success.

    Let's take a quick peak at a few different ways that you can sprint.

    Uphill Sprinting

    The first pick for sprinting is uphill running sprints. Pushing yourself hard to run up a hill as fast as possible is all it'll take to really get your heart rate revved and you seeing optimal fat burning results.

    Uphill sprints can be performed anywhere you find a hill and will be built to only last for a brief period of time.

    Sprint up and walk back down. Do this ten times per workout and you'll be set.

    Swimming Sprints

    If you need something that is lower impact for doing your sprints, swimming sprints may just be the perfect option for you. Swimming sprints are great since they'll work both the upper and lower body and the water will even provide a low level of resistance as well.

    Just be sure that you do have a base level of swimming skill behind you before attempting to sprint during your session in the water.

    Sports Sprints

    If you're more of a team exercise person, many sports also allow you to sprint as well. Football, soccer, hockey, tennis, or any other sport where you have to make a rapid play will work in much the same way as running sprints will.

    Best of all, the sprints are not synchronised with a clock and this can actually work in your favor. It'll keep your body guessing as to what's coming next.

    Outdoor Field Sprints

    Finally, consider outdoor field sprints. Find an empty field somewhere and simply sprint as fast as you possibly can. There's nothing like the feeling of running across an empty field to bring you stress release and joy.

    Run back and forth five or six times per session.

    So don't let boredom get the best of you with your workouts any longer. Sprint at least once a week and you'll feel more interested in your workout and see a faster rate of success as well.

Daily Check-In

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  • Randrew 2307 days ago
    5 minutes of sprinting last night at soccer
  • rndhth 2348 days ago
    No sprinting. Bad weather.
  • rndhth 2350 days ago
    Maybe this evening or Wednesday.
  • rndhth 2351 days ago
    No sprinting yesterday on Sunday.
  • rndhth 2354 days ago
    No sprinting yesterday.
  • rndhth 2355 days ago
    No sprinting yesterday.
  • rndhth 2356 days ago
    No sprinting yesterday.
  • rndhth 2357 days ago
    Rode my bike last night. Still working on next 15 minutes.
  • rndhth 2358 days ago
    No sprint yesterday.
  • rndhth 2359 days ago
    I did it last evening on my bike.
  • rndhth 2361 days ago
    It won't happen today.
  • rndhth 2362 days ago
    My sprints will be bike sprints.
  • Jacob Lion 2413 days ago
    Grgjjhhhhutggfffdx mi
  • Jacob Lion 2416 days ago

  • cmc 2456 days ago
    Finished this week's sprinting on bike tonight
  • cmc 2457 days ago
    3 min sprinting on bike
  • cmc 2462 days ago
    A few more sprint min on bike today.
  • cmc 2464 days ago
    2 min running sprints today
  • cmc 2465 days ago
    5 min sprinting today on bike
  • cmc 2481 days ago
    Did all my sprinting for the week yesterday, but will probably try to do a few minutes running in a few days.

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