• Wear your CPAP mask.

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    What to do: Wear my CPAP mask at least 4 hours each night.

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  • Mister_X 2177 days ago
    I don't know what to do about my mask, Almost every night, I wake up and I can't breathe, my sinuses just clog and I know I need the thing, but it's rough dealing with it.
  • PapaB 2914 days ago
    Pulled it off about an hour early.
  • PapaB 2919 days ago
    Slacked off over the weekend. Back at it.
  • PapaB 2923 days ago
    Day 4, almost rolled over and said "forget it" but I didn't.
  • PapaB 2925 days ago
    I notice a big difference when wearing it. Yesterday was the first time in months I used it. Laid down for a nap late afternoon more out of habit than feeling tired. Read for a half hour and got back up. Usually I'd be out almost instantly. Not tired today either.
  • platinumwolf 2925 days ago
    Well, I failed last night. Not sure if that means I ought to start the challenge over, or if I just take it on the chin and keep pushing forward - probably the latter. Just fell asleep while reading and never put it on. For me it makes a world of difference the next day whether I wear it or not. If I don't wear it, I'm groggy and irritable all day long, whereas if I do wear it I'm not.

    Wakefulness agent? I've never heard of this, I ought to look it up.
  • McGann 2926 days ago
    I have no trouble sleeping with it on but having done it with dedication when I first started out, after being oversold on the way it would change my life I got out of the habit.

    Instead of giving it a couple weeks, I'd like to give it a go for an entire month to see if I notice a difference...what better time than right after my last fight, when I'm re-focusing on food choices and hitting goals.

    Not to mention my prescription for Nuvigil is running out (wakefulness agent) and I don't want to spend money on Modafinil to replace it.
  • PapaB 2926 days ago
    Got out of habit after divorce two years ago. Got to get going-BP and weight up. Slept all night and woke alert to the alarm. Great start.
  • platinumwolf 2926 days ago
    Managed this last night, but only just - almost didn't but the wife woke me when she came to bed and I remembered to put it on then.

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