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Get A 30% Off When You Buy Two Clear Rayz Device


Acne or most commonly known as pimples is caused by changes in oil production beneath the surface of our skin. Most people start having acne during their puberty years where hormones are believed to undergo maturization. With Clear Rayz, its two surfaces identified as the Blue and Red Light helps you fight bacteria build-up on these acne-affected areas. Studies have shown that the Blue Light at 415 Nanometres activates chemical changes in the bacteria which destroy it while Red Light at 633 Nanometres works deep into the skin to fight inflammation and heal the breakout. Get your own Clear Rayz Device and buy another one for your friend or siblings with the same problem and get a 30% discount now.

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Get A 40% Off When You Buy $600 Worth Of Clear Rayz Device


Weighing merely 85 grams, lightweight, easy to use and can bring to anywhere in this world, Clear Rayz have sure captured the hearts of the many teenagers with acne problems and even the ones who have never outgrown their zits. It’s the solution many have been seeking and many acne products have failed to come up with. Harsh acne and acne marks can contribute a lot to the way a person feels and sees himself for the rest of his or her life. Its good thing there’s Clear Rayz to help you reduce these acnes that comes at a more reasonable price compared with other products in the market. Buy Clear Rayz now and get a 40% discount when you avail a $600 total of purchase.

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Get A 50% Off When You Buy $800 Worth Of Clear Rayz Device


Breakout of pimples is most of the time caused by changes in sebaceous or oil glands due to an increase in testosterone experienced at the on-start of puberty. Experts explain that these oils, mixed with dead skin cells can block the pores resulting to inflammation and eventual pimples formation. On situation as such, Clear Rayz come in handy with just a single tap. Unlike other acne fighting problems, this does not require painful procedures or religious use of creams and facial wash. This is the most convenient way to fight acnes and pimples. Get 50% discount when you avail $800 worth of Clear Rayz.

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Get 25% Off And FREE Shipping When You Buy Clear Rayz


Clear Rayz is the first in the market to offer a device that is double-sided and works both ways to fight acne and acne-related problems. Its composed of Red and Blue Light wherein Blue Light deeply works in your skin to fight bacteria-causing pimples giving you blemish-free skin while the Red Light infiltrate the epidermis encouraging healthy blood flow to oxygenate, heal blemishes and reduce inflammation. Once Clear Rayz is done removing or reducing your pimples build-up, its work doesn’t stop there. It also help fill in the craters caused by past pimples that gives you smoother, softer skin. Get you own Clear Rayz now and enjoy a 25% discount and a FREE delivery.

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