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35% Off for Every $50 Worth of Pet Food Purchase


Food is essential to pets as it is to humans. Picking the right pet food to feed your pet is a vital act to all pet owners. At EntirelyPets, you will find a wide range of products to help you find the right food for your pet. showcases cat and dog food brands like Hills Science Diet, VET Solutions and the newest addition to the choices, All-Natural Simply Wild Pet Food. Along with the brand and food choices, featured also on the website are articles related to selecting the right food for them. Get a chance to buy these on 35% less when you buy any Pet Food amounting to $50.

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20% Off When You Purchase $40 Worth of Dog Supplies


It is widely believed that dogs are a man’s best friends and we all should know how to treat our best friend right. EntirelyPets offers a wide range of dog supplies and popular dog products from Dog Flea & Tick Control, Dog Nutritional Supplements, Dog Toys, dog Treats, Dog Grooming Supplies and other more choices pet owner can choose from. Aside from the usual dog foods, supplements, toys and treats, EntirelyPets also has a product listings for Dogs on the go in which they can choose from a wide variety of travel gear, dog collar and leashes and other dog accessories. Enjoy these dog stuffs even better by getting a 35% discount on every $40 purchase.

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20% Off When You Purchase $40 Worth of Cat Supplies


Cats have nine lives they say and to prolong those numerous nine lives, it is just right that we give our pet cats all the loving that they deserve. EntirelyPets brings a wide range of quality cat supplies and cat products that varies from flea & Tick control for cats, Cat Food, Cat Treats, Catnip, Cat Nutritional Supplements, Cat Toys and more. Offered at EntirelyPets are specialty cat supplies such as Hairball Remedies, Lysine Products, Waste and Clean-Up Products and the likes. Get these unique and recommendable cat supplies from and get a 20% discount for every $40 purchase.

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45% Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of Nutritional Supplements


Nothing beats a healthy and sturdy pet! To help keep your pets stay fit and healthy, EntirelyPets offers a vast choice of pet supplements. These nutritional supplements help to give your pet a happier, safer and longer life they can enjoy with you. EntirelyPets suggest products like pet vitamin supplements, Anti-Oxidant and Immuno-Stimulants, Liver Support Supplements, Weight Loss Supplements and High Energy Nutritional Supplements among others. Keep your pets free from sickness and stress by buying any of these choices and you can get a 45% discount and have a free delivery too! Just enter the code below to avail this rare opportunity from EntirlyPets.

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