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50% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Joy Premo Kit


Smokeless Delite offers a wide variety of Smokeless Packages that you could choose from. One of its famous Package offering is the Premo Joy Kit that comes in four colours you could choose from depending on your taste and lifestyle. This Premo Kit includes a battery, an atomizer, a wall charger, two carry case, 2 packs of Low Nicotine, Tobacco Flavoured Cartridges and 2 packs Medium Nicotine, tobacco Flavoured Cartridges. Smokeless Delite’s products are perfect for people who couldn’t smoke inside the premises of their homes or any establishment and would have to go out to have a cig. This is just what you’re looking for, a cig that wouldn’t bother the people around you because it’s simply Smokeless! Get a 50% discount and FREE shipping now when you buy a Joy Premo Kit.

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40% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Pleasure Premo Kit


For people who have tried quitting smoking but couldn’t quite resist the urge to light a cig, Smokeless Cigarette is your saviour! It’s simply smoking without the visible smoke. You feel, taste and smell the same stuffs that real cigarette give you, with the smaller risk of getting lung-related problems. Its Premo Pleasure Kit is sure to make you feel like you’re really lighting a real cig. This Kit includes 1 Battery, 1 Atomizer, 1 Wall Charger and 2 Packs of Medium Nicotine, Tobacco Flavoured Cartridges that comes in colours White, Silver, Pink and Black. Get this Pleasure Premo Kit now and get a 40% discount and Free Shipping.

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60% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Elation Premo Kit


Others would say that 70% of the smoke you exhale when you light a cigarette goes to the people around you while the remaining 30% goes to you. Now, you wouldn’t want to be the cause of those people’s lung problem, do you? With Smokeless Delite’s innovative offering, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of having to puff that dangerous smoke. With Smokeless Delite’s Premo Elation Kit, you can smoke all you want, anywhere, anytime you feel like doing it. This Kit includes 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 1 carry case, 1 USB charge, 2 packs each of Low Nicotine, Medium Nicotine and High Nicotine Tobacco Flavored Cartridges. Get this now and avail a 60% discount and a Free Shipping for every order.

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Free Shipping For Every $50 Worth Of Any Premo Cartridges


Another wonderful feature of these e-cigarettes that Smokeless Delite offers is that you can change the cartridges according to your liking and preferences. And that these cartridges come in different flavours and Nicotine Level variations that match your choices too. You can choose from the many different flavours of cartridges from the regular cigarette flavour, to fruity ones like Pineapple and Strawberry, to Energy Drink-flavoured Cartridges and the best-seller Menthol Flavor. Also, you can choose from High, Medium, Low or No Nicotine Content of Cartridges. Buy any of these cartridges and have them delivered for free when you purchase $50 worth.

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