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Get 30% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Water Ionizer


With all the changes our World has faced with the recent years, Natural Resources would have to be one of the most affected areas due to these changes. It is important that we know where the food we eat and the water we drink originally comes from since they mainly supply our bodies with all the needed nutrients. While we cannot always watch over our family’s food and most especially water intake, TyentUSA is here to help you conquer all those worries. Its Water Ionizer Product Line offering includes UCE-9000 TURBO , MMP-9090 TURBO EXTREME , MMP-7070 TURBO and Tyent 7070 among others that will help you keep your water clean and beneficial too. Here’s another good news, buy a Water Ionizer now and get a 30% discount and FREE shipping, all from TyentUSA.

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Get 20% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Water Filters


If you are a proud owner of a TyentUSA Water Ionizer or any kind of Ionizer, you should be aware that they are all subject to blockage from sediment found in source waters and rotting plumbing that can cause the Ionizer to mal-function. Prevent all these unwanted hassles by using TyentUSA’s Tyent Pre-Sediment Filter that locks in all dust and sediment before it reaches the ionizer. Other Filters from TyentUSA includes Replacement Water Filter Products and Cleaning Cartridges Products available at their website, . Visit their site and get a 20% discount for any Filter Purchase and have them delivered at your front door, for FREE.

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Get 30% Off and Free Shipping When You Buy Shower Lux Filters


Many of us don’t notice this but when you take a look at your arms and legs you will see how dry and flaky they have been over the years. That is because of the contents of chlorine in the water we use bathing or shower that makes our skin dry and flaky and sometimes our eyes red and irritated. With TyentUSA, their offering for Shower Lux Filter will definitely help you cure all those dry and flaky skin areas because these Filters transforms chlorine to water-soluble chlorine that is considered less harmful. Get this Shower Flux filter now and get it for 30% LESS and FREE shipping when you buy now!

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Get 50% Off When You Buy A Portable Water Alkalizer


Alkaline Water has earned its deserved popularity nowadays due to common belief by most people that it can help prevent certain disease and can lessen the signs of aging. Also, it’s believed to contain higher pH than plain tap water that can neutralize acid in bloodstream can boost metabolism and help absorbs nutrients more effectively. TyentUSA’s TYGo Portable Water Alkalizer is just the right portable solution to health-conscious individuals who wants their drinking water as safe as possible. It re-mineralizes and ionizes ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. Get your own Portable Water Alkalizer now and get a 50% discount.

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