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Get 10% Off When You Avail The Mind Body Training Bundle


Wild Divine centers mainly in letting its customers focus on the balanced processing of their Mind and Body through its various Training Bundle Programs. One of its Bundle is The Mind Body Training Bundle that includes software programs from Deepak Chopra’s Secret of Meditation, The Grapher Online version (PC disk included) and the latest from Wild Divine, Mindfulness Academy: 6 Steps for Balanced Living. When you avail this bundle, a training hardware is available too, which is called the iom that serves as your tangible guide to achieving that much needed piece of mind. Get this Bundle now and enjoy 10% discount all from Wild Divine!

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Get 15% Off When You Buy A Super Bundle Program


It is important to know where our stress is coming from and how to handle it effectively. With Wild Divine’s Super Bundle Package, you will learn useful breathing and meditation exercises from the industry’s leading experts in meditation. Also, this allows you to relax naturally while playing games from the Classic Package of Programs and also includes visual experiences to calm your soul and lessen the effects of stress. This also allows you to receive feedback programs that help you be more aware of your own internal state of consciousness. This awareness can help you have a clearer state of mind, increased power of imagination and better understanding of your mind and body connection. Get this Super Bundle Package now and get 15% discount for every purchase.

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Save 25% When You Order The Meditation Games Bundle Program


Other people’s way of relaxation and de-stressing is through playing games that gives them distraction from the stress and situation they are in. With Wild Divine’s Games Bundle Package, this does not only distract you from the stress you are facing but also lessens it as well as it entertains you with various Hall of Fame Game Series Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage and the sequel “Wisdom Quest”. Several benefits of this Game Bundle include balance energy, vitality increase, and improved productivity at school and work and less irritable of small annoying things. As a Special bonus, this bundle includes a copy of Wild Divine’s Midfulness Academy: 6 Steps to Balanced Living Program. Get all these benefits now and enjoy 25% discount when you get your own Meditation Game Bundle.

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30% Off for Every Purchase Of Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation


Deepak Chopra is known worldwide as an Alternative medicine practitioner, physician, public speaker, and writer and was the founding president of American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine mainly centering in Ayurveda which is a method of traditional medicine native to Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine. Deepak Chopra has sold numerous books and meditation programs including the Deepak Chopra’s Secret of Meditation that is a BRAND NEW, one-of-a-kind meditation experience. This includes the Iom Biometric Hardware, Practices & Guided Meditations, Balance Learning and Stress Reduction among others. It also increases focus, concentration; awareness and confidence that will help you handle life’s most stressing issues. Get this now and enjoy a 30% discount off your purchase.

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