Calorie Counts for Breads & Cereals

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  • 1.    Bagels

    Bagels are a very carb dense food with very little nutrients, and are best avoided unless you’re especially active, and need the carbs.

  • 2.    Biscuits

    Biscuits are a very simple form of carb and will increase your blood sugar levels significantly and then cause them to crash, so are a food that should be avoided.

  • 3.    Bread

    Bread comes in many different varieties, although none of them are recommended if you're eating Paleo. If you must choose one, go for rye bread since it has less gluten.

  • 4.    Bread Crumbs

    Bread crumbs are high in simple carbs and will produce a blood sugar spike followed by crash so are not the healthiest of additions to your regular diet.

  • 5.    Breadsticks

    Breadsticks are full of simple carbs and the calories will add up quickly when eating these with your meal so refrain as often as possible.

  • 6.    Buns

    Buns are not considered a Paleo food, but if you're looking for something that can replace the texture, consider substituting mushrooms instead.

  • 7.    Cereal

    Cereal is a popular breakfast item, but contain too few nutrients, and too much sugar to be considered a staple for breakfast. Go for something with more protein like eggs instead.

  • 8.    Cornbread

    Cornbread is not considered Paleo, but there are many recipes online that use coconut flour, butter and eggs to make a version that is Paleo-friendly.

  • 9.    Crispbread

  • 10.    Croissants

    Croissants are high in unhealthy fat due to the lard used in preparation and will not contribute overall good nutrition to your body. Eat it in moderation.

  • 11.    Croutons

    Croutons, when commercially prepared are high in both carbs and fats so should be avoided to prevent your salad from becoming unhealthy.

  • 12.    Empanadas

    Empanadas are available in many different varieties and will contain some protein if prepared with meat.

  • 13.    English Muffins

    English muffins are not recommended if you're going Paleo. We recommend using a gluten-free flour to make your own if you crave them.

  • 14.    Flatbread

  • 15.    Focaccia

    Focaccia, like all other breads aren't part of the Paleo Diet. Consider searching for recipes that use roasted olives and garlic recipes to make it Paleo.

  • 16.    French Toast

  • 17.    Garlic Bread

  • 18.    Granola

    Granola is usually high in sugar so is best eaten in small amounts on days. If you're very active, it's ok to eat them if you need the carbs.

  • 19.    Granola Bars

    Granola bars can be quite high in sugar and contain some trans fats, so you’re better off avoiding these.

  • 20.    Muesli

  • 21.    Multigrain Bread

  • 22.    Naan

    Naan bread contains a moderate amount of fat compared with other breads and offers a good dose of protein.

  • 23.    Oatmeal

  • 24.    Oats

  • 25.    Pita Bread

    Pita bread, like most bread isn't Paleo friendly and should be avoided as it usually contains gluten.

  • 26.    Potato Bread

    Potato bread, as with all breads are not Paleo-friendly. If you can't give it up, we recommend looking for gluten-free versions.

  • 27.    Raisin Bread

  • 28.    Rolls

  • 29.    Rye Bread

    Rye bread is low in fat, high in fiber, and contains less gluten than other bread. If you're transitioning into Paleo, it's okay to eat this instead of other breads with gluten.

  • 30.    Scones

    Scones are a high carb food that is prepared with flour so won’t offer much in the way of nutrition. Eat them in moderation.

  • 31.    Taco Shells

    Taco shells will contain a good dose of carbs as well so are not the healthiest addition to your diet plan.

  • 32.    Toast

  • 33.    Tortillas

    Tortillas are not considered Paleo since they contain wheat. Consider using almond flour to make a more healthy version.

  • 34.    Wheat Bread

    Wheat bread is something you shouldn't eaten often if you're doing Paleo. If you absolutely crave bread, consider going for sourdough or rye bread instead.

  • 35.    White Bread

    White bread is full of simple carbs that will spike blood glucose levels and cause an energy crash, so is best avoided in your diet plan.

  • 36.    Whole Wheat Bread

  • 37.    Wraps