Calorie Counts for Fish & Seafood

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  • 1.    Anchovies

    Anchovies are a great source of protein and healthy fats, being high in omega fatty acids so are a great food to include in your diet plan.

  • 2.    Calamari

    Calamari is a high source of protein due to the squid content it contains, but is also high in unhealthy fats due to the batter they deep fry it in.

  • 3.    Carp

    Carp is rich in omega fats and is also a great source of vitamin B12, Selenium, as well as protein and phosphorus, but is high in cholesterol so should be eaten in moderation.

  • 4.    Catfish

    Cafish is an excellent source of protein while being a lower fat variety of fish that is low in sodium but high in cholesterol.

  • 5.    Clams

    Clams are high in cholesterol but do provide a good dose of protein as well as iron, so will allow you to keep your energy levels up with ease.

  • 6.    Cod

    Cod is a low fat fish variety that is very high in protein while being low in dietary fat.

  • 7.    Crab

    Crab is an excellent source of protein, while providing a good source of riboflavin, iron, as well as Niacin.

  • 8.    Crawfish

    Crawfish contains very little dietary fat and supplies you with a good source of protein as well as iron to maintain high energy levels.

  • 9.    Eel

    Eel is a seafood that has a low sodium content but a high cholesterol content, so best avoided by those who are carefully watching their heart health.

  • 10.    Fish

    Fish is one of the best protein sources that you can consume in your diet plan as it's not only rich in protein but also in essential fatty acids as well.

  • 11.    Flounder

    Flounder is a fish that is relatively low in fat and high in protein while containing no cholesterol, setting it apart from many other seafood sources.

  • 12.    Haddock

    Haddock is an excellent source of protein and is low in dietary fat content, while being a great source of vitamin B6, Magnesium, as well as Niacin, and vitamin B12.

  • 13.    Halibut

    Halibut is a fish that's rich in omega fats as well as protein and will help to reduce the chances that you become insulin resistant while promoting a healthy heart.

  • 14.    Herring

    Herring is rich in omega fats, contains a small dose of saturated fat and will help you meet your daily protein requirements with ease.

  • 15.    Lobster

    Lobster is high in protein and does contain some cholesterol, but is also a good source of vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, as well as Phosphorus.

  • 16.    Mackerel

    Mackerel is a fish that's high in essential omega fats and contains a strong dose of protein along with vitamin A, vitamin B6, Potassium, and Riboflavin.

  • 17.    Mahi Mahi

    Mahi Mahi is a lower calorie fish that contains very little fat and a high amount of protein, making it a good option for those who are looking to lose body fat.

  • 18.    Mussels

    Mussels are very rich in iron content so will help to keep your red blood count where it needs to be so you stay energized all day long.

  • 19.    Octopus

    Octopus is a rarely eaten form of seafood that is most often consumed deep fried and is naturally low in fat and high in protein, Niacin, and Zinc.

  • 20.    Oysters

    Oysters are a food that contains a healthy dose of both protein as well as dietary fat and is a great source of riboflavin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid.

  • 21.    Salmon

    Salmon is one of the healthiest fish varieties that you could eat as it's high in protein along with essential fatty acids that will help to keep your brain and heart healthy while warding off a number of different diseases.

  • 22.    Sardines

    Sardines are high in fat content, but it’s the healthy essential fat variety, so are a great way to get protein and these fats into your day.

  • 23.    Scallops

    Scallops are high in protein. Cook them in butter for a very tasteful meal.

  • 24.    Seafood

    Seafood provides a terrific way to get enough protein into your regular diet plan and will also assist with meeting your iron requirements as well.

  • 25.    Shrimp

    Shrimp is a favored form of seafood among many and is almost entirely fat free and entirely all protein, making it great for supporting lean muscle building goals.

  • 26.    Smoked Salmon

    Smoked salmon will contain a good dose of protein as well as essential fats but is often higher in sodium so should be eaten on an occasional basis.

  • 27.    Snapper

    Snapper is a fish that is high in protein and low in fat and will also provide you with potassium, vitamin B12, as well as Selenium.

  • 28.    Squid

    Squid on its own is a fat free, high protein food, however since it's often deep fried, avoid it in this manner as it will contain too much added unhealthy fat.

  • 29.    Swordfish

    Swordfish is a seafood variety that is very high in protein so will help you meet your daily requirements, but is also very high in mercury content as well, so best eaten in moderation.

  • 30.    Tilapia

    Tilapia is a fish variety that is very low in fat, high in protein, and low in calories while also being low in mercury as well, making it a great option to consume regularly.

  • 31.    Trout

    Trout is a great source of protein and omega fats, while also being a good source of vitamin B6, Potassium, as well as Selenium.

  • 32.    Tuna

    Tuna is a low calorie fish variety that will provide you with a high quality source of protein and is also low in cholesterol as well.