Calorie Counts for Junk Snacks

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  • 1.    Chips

    Chips are often deep fried and a high amount of calories so should not be part of your usual diet plan.

  • 2.    Corn Chips

  • 3.    Crackers

    Crackers are high in processed carbs and usually contain trans fats so not the best option for those who are watching their diet.

  • 4.    Popcorn

    Popcorn is low in sugar, and can make an okay snack for those days you need to cheat, or indulge on a snack.

  • 5.    Potato Chips

    Potato chips are deep fried and contain unhealthy ingredients so should not be include regularly as part of a healthy diet plan.

  • 6.    Pretzels

    Pretzels do contain a high amount of carbs so should be consumed in moderate serving sizes.

  • 7.    Tortilla Chips