Calorie Counts for Other

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  • 1.    Apple Cider

    Apple cider can contain too much sugar so make sure to choose the variety carefully and have only a one cup serving.

  • 2.    Breakfast Items

    Breakfast items that will promote a lean body include whole grain cereals, egg whites, fresh fruit and natural nut butters.

  • 3.    Bulgur

    Bulgur is a good source of fat free complex carbs that is high in fiber and manganese and is also low in cholesterol and sodium.

  • 4.    Capers

    Capers are a healthy addition to your diet and are very low in calories and will provide a good source of vitamin A, vitamin E, Niacin, Calcium, Vitamin C, folate, iron, and magnesium.

  • 5.    Champagne

    Champagne, being that it is alcohol, will instantly stop the fat loss process from occurring in the body and will provide you with calories that have no nutritional value. Just reserve them for special occasions.

  • 6.    Chilaquiles

  • 7.    Chimichangas

    Chimichangas will contain a large dose of carbohydrates and calories so should not be added to your diet on a regular basis.

  • 8.    Cobbler

    Cobbler is typically prepared with fruit so will offer some vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, but is also rich in sugar, so should be eaten in moderation.

  • 9.    Coffee Creamer

  • 10.    Cornmeal

    Cornmeal is high in carbs, contains nine grams of fiber per cup and 10 grams of protein, along with being a good source of iron to keep your energy levels high.

  • 11.    Dumplings

    Dumplings are a high fat food that contains too few nutrients to be a part of your regular diet plan.

  • 12.    Eggnog

    Eggnog is not only high in sugar and alcohol, so you’re best off staying away from this one if weight control is a concern.

  • 13.    Fish Oil

    Fish oil is a form of omega fats that are absolutely critical for the body to maintain heart and brain health and promote good insulin sensitivity.

  • 14.    Flour

    Flour is going to increase the carb density of whatever dish you’re preparing as well and add a high dose of calories. It's best to use in moderation.

  • 15.    Frozen Drinks

    Frozen drinks are high in sugar and calories and will quickly pack on the excess weight if you’re not careful.

  • 16.    Fruit Cocktail

    Fruit cocktail is a mixture of different fruits and will provide a good dose of vitamin C and dietary fiber, helping you feel satisfied between meals.

  • 17.    Goulash

    will provide a good source of protein, usually iron, and carbohydrates with fiber, but can be high in sodium so not recommended for those on sodium reduced diets.

  • 18.    Hominy

    Hominy is a fiber rich grain that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and will help you maintain stable blood glucose levels throughout the day.

  • 19.    Hot Chocolate

    Hot chocolate is going to contain some sugar, but will also pack in some protein from the milk as well as calcium, so will help support strong bones and muscles.

  • 20.    Malt Drinks

    Malt drinks are high in sugar but will provide some protein so can be added to your day on an occasional basis when the craving strikes.

  • 21.    Meatless Foods

  • 22.    Melt Sandwiches

  • 23.    Nectar

    Nectar is very high in sugar content so should be used sparingly as part of your diet plan to ensure that you don’t suffer from a blood sugar spike followed by crash.

  • 24.    Nutrition Drinks

    Nutrition drinks will provide you with an assortment of vitamins and minerals but can contain sugar so read the ingredient label carefully.

  • 25.    Pate

    Pate is a low carb spread that will contain a small amount of protein and fat along with providing some extra iron to your daily diet to help maintain high energy levels.

  • 26.    Potato Skins

  • 27.    Protein Powder

    Protein powder is a fast and simple way to get your protein needs met if you're a bodybuilder and looking to bulk up. But the ideal protein is still animal protein.

  • 28.    Rum

    Rum is a lower calorie alcoholic beverage but will still hinder the fat loss process from occurring so should only be consumed occasionally as part of a well-balanced diet.

  • 29.    Samosas

    Samosas contain a small amount of fat and protein but are mostly carbohydrate dense so eat a few as part of a well-balanced meal.

  • 30.    Sides

  • 31.    Snacks

    Snacks can be included as part of a healthy diet but you should be sure to monitor your serving size so they don’t become full meals themselves.

  • 32.    Stir Frys

  • 33.    Stuffing

  • 34.    Sun-dried Tomatoes

    Sun-dried tomatoes are rich in lycopene and dietary fiber and are a healthy addition to your meals for added flavor.

  • 35.    Toppings

    Toppings can range in nutritional content but are always going to add more calories to the diet so you should use them with a light hand with the exception of vegetables.

  • 36.    Turnover

    Turnover contains a good dose of sugar and carbs so is best left as a special treat during special occasions or cheat days.