Calorie Counts for Sweets, Candy & Desserts

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  • 1.    Apple Pie

    Apple pie is a high sugar, high fat food and can cause weight gain to occur quickly so should only be added in moderation on a diet plan.

  • 2.    Blueberry Pie

  • 3.    Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar contains the same nutritional value of white sugar and will spike your insulin levels and then cause them to crash, making this a food to avoid.

  • 4.    Brownies

    Brownies are high in sugar and fat and will cause problems if you’re looking to maintain a lean body composition.

  • 5.    Cakes

    Cakes are rich in carbs and often high in unhealthy fat, especially if they have frosting on them so are best eaten as a treat only on special occasions.

  • 6.    Candies

    Candies are incredibly high in simple sugar and will cause a blood sugar spike followed by crash and leave you hungry for more.

  • 7.    Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake will provide you with a good dose of vitamin A from the carrots it contains but is still high in sugar, and isn't a whole food, so eat only on occasion.

  • 8.    Cheesecake

    Cheesecake is a higher calorie dessert that will definitely increase your blood sugar levels, so it's best to avoid or eat in moderation, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

  • 9.    Cherry Pie

    Cherry pie is going to contain some vitamin C from the cherries, but will also be high in sugar so should be eaten only every once and a while.

  • 10.    Chocolate

    Chocolate is high in sugar and should be eaten in moderation. Dark chocolate is the best type because of its antioxidants.

  • 11.    Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake is high in sugar and will also often contain a good dose of dietary fat as well, so should be only eaten on special occasions.

  • 12.    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies are high in calories, and sugar, so if you are going to eat these, make it a very small cookie so it doesn’t cause weight gain.

  • 13.    Cookies

    Cookies come in many varieties but are prepared with high amounts of sugar and often butter so best eaten only as a treat on special occasions.

  • 14.    Crepes

    Crepes are lower in carbs compared to pancakes due to their thin consistency but still will not provide much nutritional value to promote good health.

  • 15.    Cupcakes

    Cupcakes are rich in sugar, flour, and shortening, butter, or lard so will not contribute any nutritious ingredients to your diet plan.

  • 16.    Custard

    Custard is typically high in calories and will contain a good dose of sugar as well, so best eaten in moderation.

  • 17.    Dark Chocolate

  • 18.    Desserts

    Desserts range in nutritional content but most are high in calories and sugar so should be eaten only on an occasional basis.

  • 19.    Donuts

    Donuts are going to be high in both fat and sugar as well as carbs due to the flour they’re prepared with so are really best off avoided at all costs.

  • 20.    Frostings

    Frostings are made with a high quantity of sugar and at times lard or shortening, so will add even more calories to the dessert that you’re preparing.

  • 21.    Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen yogurt is lower in fat than ice cream but will typically contain more sugar so you have to be careful when adding it into your diet program.

  • 22.    Fudge

    Fudge is a high sugar food that’s going to pack in the calories quickly and will lead to you rapidly gaining body fat as well.

  • 23.    Gelatin

    Gelatin is available in regular and sugar-free varieties so choose the sugar-free most often for a sweet treat that provides very few calories.

  • 24.    Ice Cream Cones

  • 25.    Ice Creams

    Ice Creams are high in fat and sugar and will add on excess body weight quickly, especially the gourmet varieties so eat only as a treat on occasion.

  • 26.    Ice Pop

    Ice pop is lower in calories than straight soda but is still 100% pure sugar, so will not be a healthy addition to your diet plan.

  • 27.    Licorice

    Licorice is fat free but will also contain a very high number of calories entirely from sugar, so is best eaten on an occasional basis.

  • 28.    Marshmallows

    Marshmallows are high in sugar and calories and will not add any nutrition to your diet plan so you should eat them only as a treat.

  • 29.    Mousse

    Mousse is a lighter dessert than ice cream but will still contain a higher dose of sugar and calories, so dish up just half a cup when treating yourself to this.

  • 30.    Muffins

    Muffins are a high calorie, high carb food that can provide some dietary fiber when prepared with bran or if they have berries added in.

  • 31.    Nougat

    Nougat is a calorie controlled treat that you can include as part of your diet plan as long as you just have one or two at a time to keep the sugar content down lower.

  • 32.    Pancakes

    Pancakes are high in simple carbs and will be high in calories if sugar and butter is added, so should be eaten on occasion only.

  • 33.    Pastries

    Pastries are high in sugar, so will quickly cause weight gain to take place so it's best to avoid eating as much as possible.

  • 34.    Pecan Pie

    Pecan pie is a high fat, high sugar dessert that really packs in a great deal of calories as it contains more than most pies do so should be eaten only as a very special treat.

  • 35.    Pie Crust

    Pie crust is typically made with shortening and sugar, two main ingredients that should be avoided on a healthy diet plan so think twice before having this food.

  • 36.    Pies

    Pies tend to be very high in sugar so if you want to maintain a healthy body weight, eat them in moderation.

  • 37.    Pot Pies

    Pot pies will provide some protein and fiber, but are also high in carbs due to the crust so are best eaten infrequently as part of your diet plan.

  • 38.    Puddings

    Puddings can be okay to consume when prepared yourself but otherwise are typically high in sugar so should be consumed in moderation.

  • 39.    Quiche

    Quiche is prepared using eggs so will contain some saturated fat and cholesterol, but will also offer protein as well as vitamin B12 and phosphorous.

  • 40.    Rice Cakes

    Rice cakes are a healthier option than potato chips in your diet plan, but they aren't something you should eat often.

  • 41.    Sandwich Cookies

    Sandwich cookies are crème filled and will contain a high amount of sugar so are best avoided on your diet plan.

  • 42.    Sherbet

    Sherbet is lower in fat than regular ice cream but can still contain quite a high dose of sugar so should be eaten in moderation on your diet plan.

  • 43.    Soft Serve Ice Creams

  • 44.    Sorbet

    Sorbet is a frozen desert that is made in part from real fruit and will contain less fat and typically calories than regular ice cream.

  • 45.    Souffle

    Souffle nutrition will vary depending on the type of soufflé it is, but in general they will contain a high amount of saturated fat due to the egg yolks they’re prepared with.

  • 46.    Strudels

    Strudels contain a high dose of sugar as well, so shouldn’t be a part of your regular diet plan if you’re hoping to lose or maintain your weight.

  • 47.    Sundaes

    Sundaes are a calorie rich treat that may provide some fiber if fruit is included or healthy fats if nuts are added, but should still only be eaten on occasion.

  • 48.    Sweet Rolls

    Sweet rolls are high in sugar content and will provide little fiber or protein so will cause a rapid blood glucose spike followed by crash that will leave you hungry for more food.

  • 49.    Wafers

    Wafers are a light snack but one that is high in simple carbs, so should be eaten with a good source of protein to balance your blood glucose levels.

  • 50.    Waffles

    Waffles are a high carb way to start your day and if topped with maple syrup will also be very high in total sugar content as well. So it's best to eat in moderation.