Calorie Content in Tesco Incredibly Smooth Low Fat Yogurt - Butterscotch


Per Serving

Number of Calories: Based on 1 pot serving

  • Calories: 175
  • Fat: 2.3g
  • Carbs: 32g
  • Protein: 6.8g

Nutritional Value and Information

  • How many calories are in 1 serving?

    Containing 175 calories, 1 serving has about the same quantity of calories as 1.09 cups of chocolate soy milk, 2.5 cups of light vanilla soy milk, and 0.66 cups of sheep milk.

    Overall Score


  • How many carbs are in 1 serving?

    For most people, 32 g is 10.67% of your recommended limit per day of carbs. This specific food has the same amount of carbs as foods like whole wheat breads, baked beans and sandwich cookies with a carbs/calorie ratio of 73.14%, which is an above average amount. About 73 percent of all foods among all food groups have a lower carbs/calories percentage. Likewise, compared to foods in its food group, this item has a very high amt of carbs. In this case, almost 13 percent of foods in this food group have a greater ratio of carbs to calories.

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    Alternatives: Reduced Fat Fancy Mexican Blend Cheese (HEB), Shredded Cheese (1 oz) (Taco Cabana), Natural String Cheese Part Skim (Frigo)

  • How much protein are in 1 serving?

    13.6% of your daily recommended limit will be met by this food/serving size. With a protein/calorie ratio of 15.54%, this item has a moderate level of protein (it has the same amt as foods like chestnuts, nougat and chocolate chip cookies). This food has a decent quantity of protein compared to foods in its food group. In this case, approximately 81 percent of foods in this food group have a greater ratio of protein to calories. Likewise, almost 57% of all foods we analyzed have a lower protein/calories ratio.

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    Alternatives: 1/2% Lowfat Milk (Great Value), Light Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt (Breyers), Fancy Shredded Parmesan Cheese (Wegmans)

  • How much saturated fat are in 1 serving?

    Having a reasonable degree of saturated fat with a saturated fat/calorie ratio of 7.71%, it has the same degree as black beans, pita bread and potato bread. This specific food has a fair quantity of saturated fat compared to foods in its food group. Here, about 29% of other foods in this food group have a lower saturated fat/calories ratio. In the same way, this specific food has less saturated fat than nearly 51 percent of all foods we analyzed.

    Overall Score


    Alternatives: Skim Milk (Spartan), Greenwise Chocolate Soy Milk (Publix), Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple (America's Choice)

  • How much sugars are in 1 serving?

    With a sugar/calorie ratio of 69.71%, this specific food has a very high level of sugar (it has the same amount as foods like raisins, pickles and jams). Compared to foods in the same food group, this specific food has a steep quantity of sugar. Here, roughly 5 percent of foods in this food group have a greater sugar ratio. Similarly, roughly 9% of all foods among all food groups have a greater ratio of sugar to calories. 30.5 g is 76.25% of your daily limit of sugar for a healthy person.

    Overall Score

    Very High

    Alternatives: Hot Pepper Cheese (Hautly Cheese Company), Muenster Cheese (Castle Wood Reserve), Deli Deluxe Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices with 2% Milk (Kraft)